Deep-fried filet mignon, spaghetti donuts, and "unicorn-specific" foods debut at the San Diego County Fair


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Food in name only.


Meanwhile, in the South…

“Dip each slice of testicles in the egg, then dip into the panko crumbs. Slip into the oil and fry from 1 to 2 minutes, until golden brown. Remove from the oil and place on a rack. Serve immediately, with lemon to garnish.”


That’s a really impressive turnout for a county fair! I was curious, so I looked up the figures, and the San Diego County Fair is the fifth largest fair of any category in the US.

I don’t know much about San Diego, but this seems surprising to me! I associate fairs much more with places like Minnesota (4th largest US fair, but objectively the best when talking quality) than with urban California counties. I’m guessing this fair doesn’t have the emphasis on agriculture and rural life that other fairs have?

  1. Southern cuisine is legitimate and wonderful! I recommend visiting Charleston if you need convincing!

  2. Eating testicles is more closely associated with the American and Canadian West than with the American South

  1. If it comes with aioli, I’ll try your deep-fried testicle recipe. But you gotta do the slicing!


Check out the food at the Texas State Fair.

(Also, did you know Big Tex once set himself on fire because of a crack addiction?)


I’ve eaten Rocky Mountain oysters on several occasions here in Denver. Honestly, it’s essentially calamari. Fairly flavorless soft tissue wrapped in crunch fried stuff. Not bad, but nothing special either.


Plz see above. Thx.


I haven’t been there myself… but it looks like they have agriculture stuff:

I mean, why bother having a county fair without all that??


well that was an opportunity missed…

Rockcandy Mountain Oysters

i know you only get one ball per unicorn, but the rainbow gummy goodness is part of what drove them onto the imaginary endangered species list.


Deep-fried filet mignon sounds like a waste of both good meat and good deep-frying opportunity.


“San Diego County’s agriculture industry was worth $1.85 billion in 2013, and is one of the top five egg producing counties in the United States. In 2013, San Diego County also had the most small farms of any county in the United States, and had the 19th largest agricultural economy of any county in the United States. According to the San Diego Farm Bureau, San Diego County is the United States leading producer of avocados, and nursery crops. As of October 2016, there are roughly one hundred vineyards and wineries in San Diego County.” [Wikipidia]


It’s as if chefs (1) close their eyes, (2) flip open a cookbook to random pages, (3) jab a finger onto a page, (4) open their eyes, (5) write down what got picked, then repeat all the previous steps as needed until a menu item appears.


This organizers of this year’s fair themed it “How sweet it is”

That’s… weirdly unnecessary, given that fair food isn’t exactly known for going light on the sugar…


Yeah, I didn’t know until now, but San Diego County is just slightly smaller than Connecticut, so there ought to be plenty of room for conventional agriculture.


I was thinking it sounds like a hoity-toity chicken fried steak.


spaghetti donuts

My wife and I bought what looked like custard donuts in Taiwan once that turned out to be filled with a warm curry stew. After taking a bite of hers she made noises and threw it away, I went back the next day without her and got another one. :doughnut:

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