Fair food fix: California county fair hosts drive-thru events

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“. . .but that isn’t stopping them from offering deep-fried everything (and more!). . .”


health comes first when you buy your 6,000 calorie chipotle vanilla funnel cake


Fair food has always been Go Big or Go Home. It’s never subtle. You know what you’re getting into as soon as you cross that fairground line. :star_struck:


You know, you can just eat part of it. I mean, honestly, by four or five bites in, you’ve maxed your enjoyment anyway. Share it with family members, throw it away. The point of it being huge is to enable a higher item cost while you still think of it as a better (or not horrible) value- if you spend $10 on a funnel cake and it comes back a single serving, you feel like you’ve been ripped off, if it comes back HUGE you feel “Ah, that’s why it was $10!”… even though it’s only a minimal difference in food costs.

I would also say there’s a significant difference in the mortality of overindulging one day versus exposing yourself to a virus with a significant death rate. (Right now, due to horrible testing, we are seeing that about 10% of the cases where someone has either recovered or died has ended in death.)


well, i was just making a joke but thanks for all the info.

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I’m having major withdrawals right now… if anyone needs their county fair fix :relaxed:

I happened to hit Florida this year before the poop hit the fan and captured footage of the action.

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So much for any strides (oops, pun) walking and biking have made in the past few months. Drive through only.

We now return you to our regular car culture.

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Wow, I really like your videos :smiley:
Thanks for posting the link.

Thanks, me too! I finally figured out a decent setup which doesn’t get in the way of my photos and now all the fairs are canceled :sob:

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