Deer-poaching woman brags on dating app to the wrong person


If it tastes urine soaked, someone isn’t cleaning the deer properly, and getting the crap in the guts and/or bladder into the meat.

You can also use deer meet and mix it with beef for things like hamburger or chili, or pork for sausages. Deer is a lot leaner than domesticated animals so the added fat from beef or pork usually makes it taste better.


Entirely relevant. He was spotlighting illegally, next to a camping area, he shined the spotlight on the woman, it reflected in her eyes, he thought she was a deer, he failed to identify his target, he shot her, she died. He was found guilty in a court of law:


Yeah, I was being facetious, it’s more like the anal gland secretions ;~) I’ve had it prepared dozens of ways by people who swear they know how to cook it and… nope. To be fair, I barely like red meat aside from burgers.


It didn’t say he killed a camper mistakenly. There was a lack of details and you are just inferring to be argumentative.


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