Hunter caught killing an illegal deer tries to blame his wife


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We should really build a wall around Michigan to keep those illegal spike horn bucks from getting in and using their succulent, delicious meat to tempt hunters into a life of crime.


Jesus, he’s blaming that poor widow!?

(that joke works if you only read the headline)


Pretty sure the fine for taking a spike and being national news for blaming her is going to hurt a lot worse than the lack of venison would have.


I object to the insensitive language in this title. A Whitetail deer cannot be “illegal.” #iamdisappointedinboingboingyetagain


Rule 34 says that it’s out there, but I’m not going to look.


Fellas need to realize that wife-blaming and “happy wife, happy life” are not compatible.


Well, there’s ample precedent.

And the man said, The woman whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat.
– Genesis 3:12


Apples are fine for vegetarians.

But what about us carnivores? Where’s my roasted snake filet?


"wife wants deer meat and if I come home without any she’ll get really mad at me.”

Well, my wife demands Congressman meat.


Adverbs are, sadly, going out of fashion.

(Hunter caught with illegally killed deer…)


Um… TMI, seriously.


Hunter caught killing an illegal deer

Illegal deer? Is the deer from Central America? Because you know they’re not sending us their best deer. Some are rabid, some carry lyme disease, and some (I assume) are good deer.


Now I have to read the story to make sure it’s not an in-law…

…ugh, entirely possible, but no name given.


Anybody know any hunters? Because if you know even one hunter, you’ve endured gifts of pounds and pounds of venison. Even one animal is a huge amount of food. So yea, no shortage.


My Dear Wife always blames me when she farts, I wonder where she learned that?


Hunter Poacher caught killing an illegal deer tries to blames his wife

Far less confusing. Doesn’t matter if it’s hunting season or not. If it isn’t specifically allowed, you’re poaching.

The deer is not illegal. On the contrary, it’s existence was considered valuable.


How do you know it wasn’t an alien?


Because TPTB were protecting it, not trucking it off to a concentration camp in the desert.


This guy really screwed the poach.