Ohio woman feels like "prisoner" because a deer keeps attacking her near her home

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Um… maybe take a different route, away from the defensive mother?


Let’s build a wall! Who’s the prisoner now?


Calling BS on this one too – my bet is the woman is delusional, paranoid, or just has deerophobia. She (or the article) is making it sound like this one particular deer has it out for her.


Just because she’s paranoid doesn’t mean that deer isn’t out to get her. It’s happened before with other animals.


This is the price you pay for a neighborhood without wolves in it.

Bring back the wolves, then lets see how uppity these deer get!



Get a nuisance permit and have a local archer visit. You get dinner and a problem solved.


Nobody said it was a Mexican deer


If she is walking the dogs around the neighborhood, the deer could be anywhere. There are quite a few deer where I used to live, and would see them all the time late at night, especially during the winter.

I’d get bigger dogs. Akita or Irish Wolf Hounds or maybe an American Fox Hound.

ETA - the deer population got so bad in one metro park, and they were all sick with STDs, they had to do a massive cull with bow hunters.


Maybe the deer’s name is Rover?


If the deer isn’t like, rabid or some-such…I’d put even money on this woman forgetting that nature isn’t a fucking petting zoo; she tried to pet the baby deer, and now the momma deer thinks she’s a predator who needs to be scared off.


There’s a thought.

I guess you never read Moby Dick.


That what my old neighbor did. Deer were having quite the nightly buffet at his flower garden. His kids wanted a dog anyway, so he adopted a mutt that probably had a good bit of Great Dane in him. Man that was a big dog, really friendly and incredibly loyal, but no deer or human wanted to get on his human’s bad side.

I feel wrong for laughing, but I LOL’d


I used to live near there. Mentor is full of people who think running from a deer is the way to escape.

That’s a crocodile you’re thinking of ma’am. Do you really think you’re going to get scratched by a doe? They don’t even have horns.

Now ticks, those you should be concerned about.


I live near a wildlife corridor and it constantly amazes me when my neighbors say how much they love the views, but wish someone would “do something” about all the wild animals. People seem to think that if an animal isn’t behind a barrier or in a cellophane wrapper then something is wrong.


To be fair, they do have razor sharp hooves and when threatened, they know how to use them. But other than a SNL skit, I’ve never heard of a deer “stalking” a human being.


sometimes you just want a garden, and would prefer that the deer not rip it to shreds. Apparently, the trick is to plant natural deer repellant.


The Fox Affiliate video illustrates she’s clearly not being paranoid, I suggest you watch it. They’re nesting in her backyard. As they interview her, the deer comes out and stares them down aggressively.

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There was a bird (mockingbird, I think) that had a nest somewhere near our front door and it was apparently protecting its chicks. One day, I went out to get the mail, turned around and found it dive bombing me. I probably would have been fine without doing anything, but my immediate instinctive response was to swat at it with the magazine I’d just received. Made contact (barely) knocking loose two tail feathers. Well, that bird hated me forever after. I’m sure it didn’t matter whether or not there were nestlings to protect, it went on the warpath whenever it saw me.