Defense contractors already making millions off detention of immigrant kids in #TrumpsCamps

Yup. I hope other countries take note and put pressure on the US to be less horrible.

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This is copied from this thread, written by a fellow Australian.


I can honestly say I hope the same thing, but they’re already doing so in the economic realm (with the tariff situation, for example). The problem with America is that we have a history of dictating international norms, and then resisting when asked to abide by them. The most other countries can do is alienate us, which is hard when we have a military installation in so many places. Other countries would of course go as far as to expel our diplomats, but that seems unlikely to happen with our military bases, too, which is where the real power lies.

I don’t know. It’s horrible.


It’s almost like the US finally wants to give fascism a try because they feel they’ve missed out in the 1930ies.

Speaking as a descendant of a people who did give it a try in the 1930ies - don’t.
In fact, don’t even think about it.


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Regrettably, no.

Yes, Trump is worse. But Obama was already very, very bad.


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