Definitive list of Donald Trump's racist nonsense


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“The fine and noble pursuit of genuine civil liberties.”




I hate to double up, but it’s necessary:

“No, I’m not a racist,” he told reporters. “I’m the least racist person you have ever interviewed.”


Of course he is. All the other anti-racists don’t count as people as far as the far right is concerned.


This same premise usually applies to former SEALs and Special Ops as well. If a guy is running around telling everyone they are a SEAL, they probably were not. Even people who make a living out of using their experience as part of their credentials (i.e. Don Shipley or Larry Vickers) aren’t mentioning that outside of “work”. if a guy mentions his experience in passing at the grocery store, probably a liar.

Trump is just like all these phony SEALs out there.


B-b-but I saw an unsourced meme someone posted on Twitter asserting that no one ever accused Trump of being a racist until he ran for office!



There’s some anti-Muslim religious bigotry mixed into that list, too.


Always good to expose racism, especially when it spews from a president, but I get stuck on “nonsense.”

Trump’s racism hurts people, potentially a lot of them. How about something like “mendacious racist fuckery”? Or “odious racist shite”?


Although not strictly racist, I have no doubt that Trump’s brand of anti-Muslim bigotry is basically racialized. Surely the darker the Muslims, the more he’s against them; studies of his rhetoric probably already show that. And let’s not overlook the conceptual overlap between conservative castings of the category of “Muslim” and that of (supposedly non-white) “Arab.”


How can this be a definitive list when that stupid asshole adds something new to it on a daily basis?


Much like this list (was in the 200s when I bookmarked it):

Or this list:


“But Mr. president: you are not the only person I have ever interviewed.” That just never occurred in his narcissistic frame of mind.


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