Defrost your windshield in half the time with a science-backed method


Or Red Hot Nickel Ball …


Aerosol spray-on windshield de-icer works in about a half second, once quickly applied just run the windshield wipers and off you go. You don’t even need to carry around a heavy container of water. Not the most environmentally friendly way to do it, but it’s definitely very easy.


Those guys need a thermal camera. Would add greatly to the experience.


Yeah it would. Even a shitty little $250 Seek Thermal camera would add lots of fun info. And those only have a resolution of 206x156px. Although I think there might be problems with thermal range. The Seek only really sees up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit and the sensor sorta blows out above that. I think I damaged mine using it to look at a blowtorch flame.


silica gel cat litter in a sock. it works. it’s a giant version of the packets they put in with your shoes. Humidity inside is the problem.


This is what I miss about cars that had mechanical sliding levers. I had an old Cadillac and I knew exactly how to set the sliders and A/C to defog the window in just a few seconds. My new 4Runner, although an amazing truck, thinks I’m an idiot who can’t pick certain settings. That truck is over-engineered to the point it becomes ultimately self defeating.


I’m always amazed how many people leave their cars outside when they have a perfectly good garage that is just used to store crap they never use. I garage mine, and only need a scraper a few times a winter.


Well, not with toilet paper on it, no.


Fog on windows is no problem. FROST is a problem, but that’s not what the video is about. Then I was distracted by an engineer who said “ten times less.”


Good for you. I suppose I was imagining having to pay for those two windshield replacements. Thanks for that good citizen. Without you, I might have gone my whole life not knowing I was hallucinating. I’m going to call my insurance now and demand my windshield deductible back.

I’m glad people like you are around to explain that since you never experienced something then it could not have possibly happened. What happens to you is clearly the measuring stick by which we all live our lives.

I wonder why I imagined it cracking both times in exactly the same spot - directly above my defrost vents on the dash?


Keep going, I’m enjoying the image of a well-flanneled Minnesotan drunkenly lashing obscenities at his/her frosted windshield while the car is running.

I do the same thing, albeit while using an ice scraper (and without the alcohol).


My only addendum to that is to use the A/C setting instead of the heater – which as other posters have pointed out, is what newer cars default to when you put on the “defroster” – because the dehumidifying aspect of the A/C is a big help.


What is this thing you call a…garage?


Yeah, trying to work that out. What would “one time less” be?


Today I woke up to a frosty windshield in SW Ontario. There was very little moisture inside the cabin. I don’t think the dehumidifying properties of the A/C would’ve helped. Not to mention my windows were frozen shut. As usual, these “life hacks” tend to make assumptions about inputs or even neglect initial conditions entirely.


The toilet paper is for after gorging yourself, not during.


Yes, but not in the '88 Accord I drivel… :slight_smile:


I carry an old hotel keycard. There is no charge if you forget to leave one.


i do the same thing. the one i have has an advertisement for papa johns pizza as well, which is an added bonus–if i ever feel hungry or peckish, i can look at it and instantly feel nauseous.


hahaha, I pull mine out whenever I need to remember which hotel chain has my details and gives me points. A real loyalty club just needs your damn name.