Delaware cop charged for kicking man in face and knocking him out


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The previous grand jury didn’t return a true bill (indictment) for one reason and one reason only, and that is the prosecutor in the case didn’t really want one. The adage that a prosecutor can get an indictment against a ham sandwich is basically true. And in these cases with police that don’t result in a true bill, it’s a good idea to remember that adage. Biden the younger (Joe Biden’s son was the original prosecutor) was just establishing his bonafides with the police in essentially telling them via a non-aggressive grand jury proceeding “Hey, don’t worry. You can get away with this stuff. I have your back.”

Glad the tape is out and the indictment is in. The police should not be immune from the law.


“Once a federal judge told us we had to, we did the right thing and released the video”.


So when are they going to charge his partner as an accessory? I’m assuming that he didn’t do the obvious and right thing in immediately arresting the kicker for assault.


An eye for an eye. This cop needs to be kicked in the face and jailed.


He has a name, you know: Beau Biden.

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Biden the Younger to me…because he’s a chip off the old corruption block that it his daddy.


This is why we should never fall for the “just a few bad apples” routine; any supposedly “good” cops who cover for the bad cops are also bad cops.


Charged? Charged with being awesome!


God- I can’t imagine how hard a prosecutor must have worked to NOT get an indictment with footage like that kicking around.
The amount of hand waving and “look over here!” must have been exhausting.


To myself: “not all cops are pigs. not all cops are pigs. not all cops are pigs”

Googles Tom Webster


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Hold up there for just one second. Charged != found guilty. There is still plenty of opportunity for immunity.

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" the subject was placed in handcuffs and taken into custody".

I think I would have written that as “the suspect placed the victim in handcuffs and took him into custody”, but I guess I’m assuming a level of reflexivity from the police department that doesn’t exist.


Exactly right! Unfortunately, they are starting to reap what they have sown with the recent cop killings.

Considering how temporary the relatively short-term pain and the long-term global benefit of an equivalent punch in the nuts would yield–versus the log-term harm of face-kick KO–would it be okay if we let the victim of these cops do the rest of the world a helping hand? I mean, what would it take if law-abiding citizens only held those cops?

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HaHa I saw that tooo

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