Delaware! Tonight, a public vote will determine the fate of one of the state's most important libraries

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Delware! Tonight, a public vote…

An amalgam of Delaware and Beware!

I, for one, approve.

[ETA: The joke was barely funny to begin with, but when the headline is corrected it becomes even less barely funny… i.e. not.]


How about Alerta!

For Alert and Alberta?

Or Warnoming!

For Warning and Wyoming?

I’ll show myself out.


Outside, the throng of bankers and lawyers in Brooks Brothers suits began to chant, “Burn! Burn! Burn!” Softly at first, it swelled into am intimidating roar: “Burrrn!”


How about Manitoba!

For Mandate and MantiOh oops, never mind.


Looks like it’s actually the Rt. 9 library.
Anyone have an update on how the vote went?

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Its “erectile dysfunction” for me.

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That library is amazing!

The vote did not go well:

I believe the Delaware Library system does stock Bradbury :wink:

Because you’re one of the lucky ones, I guess? You are’t seeing cutaway animated views of sex organs like the erectile dysfunction ads @euansmith probably has to endure!

I’m tempted to turn off all my ad-blocking and anti-tracking technology to see what I get. Nah, not that tempted, never mind.

Yes, I just discovered it (I work about a mile away, but it’s not on my ride home) last week. I thought I was fairly well informed of local news, but either I’m wrong, or the building of this (really nifty) library received very little attention from the public and media.

The area is incredibly underserved; it’s in a blighted zone just outside Murdertown that has high minority and poverty population. I can’t think of anywhere in Delaware that needs a library with a makerspace more than these neighborhoods do.

Sorry, @WalterStabosz , I didn’t read this until today, or I’d have been there. Good work on the website BTW.


“Murdertown”? I take that designation doesn’t appear on the Delaware Tourist Board Site.

Hmmm… I don’t think the state fervently recommends Wilmington as a tourist destination, but I could be wrong, there are certainly a whole lot of great historic and cultural institutions there. The Delaware Art Museum is worth visiting, for example, and there’s a thriving music scene.

But then again…

The city’s economy was devastated long ago by the departure of industry employing relatively unskilled labor for heavy manufacturing. When Speakman relocated production to China that was the last of the giants, I guess? No, I think it was the near-total shutdown of the shipyards as the PA steel industry relocated to China. So now the city is a mix of wealthy banksters, high-tech workers and impoverished unemployed laborers… and thus, unsurprisingly high crime. Education - like you get from libraries and makerspaces - is the best way out of this mess, and I am proud that many Delawareans realise this and are trying hard to make a difference.


Thank you for the link. It appears that the council increase and what the support website was suggesting were two different things; the meeting seemed to want a 15% across the board tax increase, but the supporting independent website suggested something in the neighborhood of $10/mo. I wonder how they became so disparate?


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