'Delay the Election,' tweets President Donald Trump

While it would be a constitutional clusterfuck, yeah, go ahead, delay the election!

Without being re-elected, Trump ceases to be president on 1/20/2021.

He can only be re-elected with an election. While he’s not likely to win one at this point, he doesn’t seem to grasp that preventing voting doesn’t keep him in office.


I and many other people on twitter have reported that tweet. Hopefully it gets marked as misleading or fraudulent.


Delay the election? Maybe if he agrees to stop being president when his term ends and until there is an election.


Makes you wonder why he’s so enraged by mail-in voting… Could it be that it’s one of the hardest voting strategies to hack remotely due to its built-in physical vote record? Much, much harder for Russia to modify, no matter how many pleading phone calls Trump makes to Putin.


Most of us do, at least around here. He’s always been this way, and we’ve always known that this is the vile piece of shit that he is. Growing up, though? It’s far too late for that with him. He’s long past the years when he might have learned some valuable lessons about having just a smidge of humility, an ounce of compassion, and applying them to his life. He’s gotten his way so often - or convinced himself when he didn’t that he still, somehow, won - that he’s incapable of making that switch now in the growing gloom of his last years.

But this tweet brings a smile to my face. We predicted it months ago, his naked attempts at convincing the country he can stop the election from happening. And it’s evidence he actually knows his days are numbered. He’s going to rail, and shout at clouds, and tweet until they drag him from the oval office. But we’re going to vote the fucker out, and I no longer worry as much about that. The only worry is how big the margin will be. Because I desperately wish for a landslide of epic, Ronnie the Racist, proportions to sink him into utter despair. Watching his meltdown if he lost all but a handful of states will be glorious.

I may be projecting my own need to see this man humiliated. Probably not a good look for me, but I own it. I cop to it. There it is.


He just can’t accept that he lost the popular vote, and has comforted himself with the idea that they were all fake mail-in ballots.


And the declarative form is “People are saying…”


I wonder how many people at Twitter get pulled into the loop whenever Trump tweets something dubious and the person on TrumpWatch hits the alarm?


While everyone is busy complaining about Trump’s latest tweet the disastrous GDP development gets less attention.


The house should take him at his word and invite an impartial, extranational supervisory body to make sure the election is free and fair.


Three of the six positions are vacant. The chairman is a Trump appointed Republican. Notice that the other two, their terms expired in 2009, and 2007, but they are serving until replaced…

Interesting report here, too:

Executive Branch Power to Postpone Elections July 14, 2004


I guess he doesn’t like it when those other people do it too.


No, he cannot legally do this. But when one house of Congress supports him and has let him run the government using un-confirmed “acting” appointees, who will stop him? He only needs to convince a few Republican-led states to delay their own election to throw the whole thing into doubt, and he’s got half of Congress and the Supreme Court on his side. We can NOT be complacent about this. Here’s a good twitter thread about the kind of damage he could cause:


How long until a Lincoln Project ad throws Trumps earlier words back in his face on this?

Trump called suggestions by Joe Biden that he was considering changing the date of the election “made-up propaganda” during an April press briefing. “I never even thought of changing the date of the election. Why would I do that? November 3rd. It’s a good number. No, I look forward to that election.”


I believe this scene has already been filmed:


I wonder if Jimmy Carter has some free time on his hands.



Not as long as it will take the DNC to make an ad like that.

The Lincoln Project ads are effective, but the Dems have to step up their game and be slightly more aggressive (a tricky balance, I know, given the need to keep Uncle Joe from opening his yap).