Delightful creatures frolicking in the waves

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The last photo claims to be in Missouri. There are no Moose anywhere near Missouri.


Some doof who captioned the photo screwed up the challenging postal codes starting with M. That’s Lewiston, Maine:

An 800-pound bull moose with an apparent affection for in-ground swimming pools was captured in Lewiston at a Brault Street yard Monday after his second citified dip in as many days. The moose was tranquilized by David Wilbur, superintendent of the state game farm in Gray, before being lifted into a pickup truck and taken away. Mark Adams’ swimming pool wasn’t the first in which the animal decided to take a dip. It had been spotted a day earlier in another pool on Webber Avenue, according to police Lt. Andrew D’Eramo.


I swam with the pigs at Big Majors Cay in the Exumas a couple years ago. It was just a little scary. Some of those pigs were pretty large, unlike the cute piglets in the Atlantic photo.

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