Delightful notes and signs from Portland, Oregon

Well, they might not, that’s why the sign was written. I don’t know if they were being a dick or not. Clearly someone thought they were and told them so. What’s the problem? Either the background to that position was justified or not, and the recipient of the note is free to act accordingly.

oh snap!

I think that note was on reddit (the permit parking thing) and it was after the orange line opened and people from south Portland were driving to 1% Sellwood and parking in neighborhoods that had never had lots of parkers to then ride the light rail into town.

Rich people were unhappy (and writing notes and threatening car damage and using trash cans to block parking). No idea what’s up now.


First, instead of respectfully explaining the inconvenience to the author, the note accuses, insults, and threatens by turn—giving no justification for its demand.

Second, it’s directed to the wrong person. If the recipient doesn’t park there, someone else will. What the author wants is to own a parking space, which he can’t get by writing nasty notes.


That’s a fair point. There’s no excuse for incivility or baseless insults. Still, the core point is that writing one’s grievances directly to the perceived perpetrator is the right way to begin to solve a problem (though clearly, it needs to be done well!).

I’m not sure that is what the owner wants (I’m not saying it isn’t, I just don’t know). For example, I just wish there were no cars and as such anyone parking anywhere is annoying to me. I do however have the understanding that this is a wholly impractical position to hold and that I’m distinctly in the minority (not to mention hypocritical, given I own a car).

But yes, I suspect that the note is not very well directed but I don’t know.

I came to read the comments, since I really didn’t understand what the first note was all about.
What’s wrong with permit/zoned parking, again?

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We do know what the author wants—he tells us. He wants no one to park in this space (at least this space, maybe others) except people he thinks should park there (people who live in the neighborhood, and maybe others he approves of).

That’s not how public parking works.


Mass transit was introduced near a neighborhood. People taking mass transit started riding the mass transit but parking in a neighborhood where parking had never been an issue. Neighbors got mad.

This was especially funny when I read it as “If you have been this raccoon,”


Oh man. Just yesterday a guy in the reading area at the library was on the phone having a Skype or Facetime or whatever. To his credit, he was making a good effort at keeping his voice very low, but his correspondent apparently couldn’t understand him.

“I’m in the library. No, I’m in the library. Turn your speaker up. I’m in the library. The library! 𝖨’𝖬 𝖨𝖭 𝖳𝖧𝖤 𝖫𝖨𝖡𝖱𝖠𝖱𝖸!”

It was a little weird how he had enough awareness to know that libraries are quiet spaces but not enough to know that they are not an appropriate place for a 20 minute vidcall.

The group study rooms were right there, too.

At least he kept his shoes and socks on, unlike the guy to my right.


Btw, I am genuinely lost on this one. I’ve had a car touched once. Never a window broken, a bumper touched, an alarm set off…

Am I doing something really right or reeeally wrong? :smiley: or should I shut my trap and not tempt fait?

You wouldn’t think people would do that IRL, but… There must be some corollary to Rule 34 but for stupidity and obliviousness instead of pornography.

Well, if you’ve got an alarm, you’re doing it wrong. :slightly_smiling:

I had my car broken into at least twice (stopped counting after that)… once they tried to hotwire but then just decided to make off with the stereo (not even bothering to take the CD changer that would have made it worthwhile). Second time they got the steering column open but for some reason didn’t make off with it. But, as I said, it was an old clunker, to the point that the door locks were so lame you just needed something to insert into the opening and twist…

This was also back in college and in an apartment not exactly in the best part of town, so there’s that, too.

Much more exciting was the time someone else’s car pretty much burned to slag in a parking lot right next to my car, and I didn’t know until the next morning. The things that can happen in some neighborhoods…


Sign, sign, everywhere a sign
Blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind
Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign?

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I used to live next door to the library. People would always sit by the window and surf for porn.


The VW note seems misdirected and a little cruel to me.

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Not that I like needless fires… But that probably looked kinda cool :smiling_imp: