Delorean hovercraft for sale


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…so will perform about as well as the original Delorean in road-safety tests…


That ain’t gonna cut it.


Does it come with eels?


It’s full of them!


Where they’re going they don’t need roads.


Thats why he stated its current configuration. Outfit it with a long metal pole and head out on the lake during a storm. It would be like a full sized bumper car arcing and sparking.


Hovercraft does not appear to be hovering. What’s the word? Oh yea… boat.


I notice that some of the people in the video aren’t wearing life jackets. (No, those sleeveless vests are not flotation devices.)


Not even a 1980s vest? I thought everybody wore life preservers in 1985.


They did.



I see a back to the future in these.



Drop your…

Oh, never mind.


Probably would do better in crash tests; the fiberglass/styrofoam sandwich works well at absorbing energy. That’s what they use for bike helmets.


It’s also really light and floats, both helpful on a home made hovercraft.


Does anyone know what that crazy Water World looking island thing is in this picture?


Blimey, today’s your lucky day!

Just look up ‘hovercraft’ and discover there’s a whole new category of vehicles. Enjoy!


I tried to search this picture. The best google could come up with is “off-roading”. Well, NO shit. Hard to get further off road than on the water.


I think it was last christmas, my sister got all 3 of her kids jacket vest thingies like that. They were pretty cute and retro…