Watch: Custom Delorean hovercraft

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Everyone knows hoverboards don’t work over water. Why would hovercars be any different?


1930s version:

I’m hovering over my coffee, Right Now!

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It’s cool and all, but I’m getting more of a “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in boat-mode” vibe than a “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang after it sprouted wings” vibe.



Didn’t they build one of these on Monster Garage back before we knew Jesse James was a Nazi?

UPDATE: He ended up selling for $44,088 at auction and last I saw it was bright pink and in a Oliver Tree music video. Current whereabouts…Unknown.


How many eels can it transport?


Much like the glass half-empty/half-full conundrum, one wonders; is this really a hovering DeLorean or just a hovercraft with a DeLorean stuck on top of it?

Which reminds me: the first time I felt really, really old was when I dropped a very clear MP reference when teaching at university - and in a full room, no-one got it. Not a single person.

I suspect the same might be true nowadays if I’d mention a flux capacitor…

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When you hit 88 knots you can time travel with it.

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But does it contain eels?

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