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Welcome to your 2016 primary season.

This shit…

Fist stick knife gun is how this kind of violence escalates.

Not regarding the deranged psychopath Lone Wolf’s shooters at a rally.

We can distance ourselves from those folks as a society. Together. Republicans and Democrats can all agree that no one should ever shoot someone at a political rally because they want to impress an actress or make their dreams work right again or whatever…

This is condoned violence. To some of those people in the crowd they assaulted a teenage girl and pepper sprayed her… For justice.

And… As these stories are playing out in the news… A particular Orange American is not disavowing this violence. It’s the same as promoting it for people prone to this.

So please let’s all be clear here.

At Trump rallies there exists an element of the Radical Right that is violent. I’m sure at Bernie rallies that’s also true. Violent leftists exist! For real!

They aren’t showing up with guns and shit. And the other leftists don’t cheer them on. They kick them out.

And they are right to do so.

But that’s how you depose a tyrant. Not how you put one in place.

So I’m afraid the coming media circus of chasing this story will end up promoting it. Some will recoil in horror. Others will want to mix it up.


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I’d act surprised, except that would probably cause the universe to explode.

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