Trump supporter attacks BBC cameraman at Texas rally

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How do we know the assaulter wasn’t a Trump employee?

Identify him & arrest him.


And hey, look at all of those empty seats!

Never let an opportunity pass by to remind people that Trump is no longer drawing crowds. Sagging ratings, losing his audience by the minute!


Minor note: Acosta says “Just a sample of the sad scene we faced at the Trump rally in Tampa.” That footage and post are from last July.


Oh that amazing moment at the end of the Acosta video where a woman thumbing down Acosta realizes that the camera is now on her so she thumbs up, smiles, and waves at the camera before returning to her derision.

The media are awful liars until they’re putting me on tv!


Trump: “This is like the Academy Awards used to be.”

With a comedian doing the presentation?


According to the Guardian, Trump is claiming about 10k people were in the hall and thanks the Fire Dept. for letting them go over the capacity of 8k. The Fire Dept. apparently says they let in as many people as are allowed - 6,500.


Two points…

How many of the these rally goers are there because they support Nostradumbass, and how many are there just because they think it will get them that 15 seconds of internet viral fame?

Also, I have to agree with Nostradumbass’s question…“Where do they come from?” Oh wait…he was talking about the protesters not his supporters. Meh…still applies.

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The media are awful liars until they’re putting me on tv!

It’s pro wrestling. Trump is their Face, Acosta is the Heel. You boo the Heel because that’s what you do. The smile/thumbs up/wave is her breaking kayfabe because she’s playing a game.

The fact that a whole lot of people in this country treat politics as if it were the same as pro wrestling is one of the systemic problems that we have. Of course, reporters like Acosta play into it because they make everything seem so trivial because it’s all about the “horse race” - which helps people believe that politics has the same weight as rassling.


“How dare you report what Trump actually says!”


Which only goes to support spreading the narrative, if they keep inflating the numbers themselves.

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Very astute observation. But this also begs the question: Why are these people treating politics like pro wrestling? For more, take a peek at Chris Hedges " Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle" published in 2009 by Nation Books.

The world, as professional wrestling knows, is always stacked against the little guy. Cheating becomes a way to even the score. The system of justice in the world of wrestling is always rigged. It reflects for many who watch, the tainted justice system outside the ring.

(emphasis mine)

The bouts are stylized rituals. They are public expressions of pain and a fervent longing for revenge. The lurid and detailed sagas behind each bout, rather than the wrestling matches themselves, are what drive crowds to a frenzy.


Here’s an idea: since these campaigns are just a rehash of the hateful rhetoric we have all heard, how about the media just stops covering these rallies for a while? Drumpf thrives on the media’s attention: why not deny him?


because “Idiocracy” was a documentary sent from the future as a warning. that’s my theory.


It is a cult. The sad truth is that most cult followers need deprogramming.


When stupid comes to town, it wears a maga’it hat.



Dim-Don received wall to wall coverage
on cable for the entire 2-years leading up to his
He could call in Live to MSNBC and ramble on about whatever…and Fox of course.
Every Rally was broadcast live, then rerun overnight. (Even on C-Span)
Did Hillary or Bernie get the same treatment?
Of course…NOT
I do blame cable channels for helping to get him


Try not to be so dismissive of these people’s plights.

These ritualized battles give those packed in the arenas a temporary, heady release from mundane lives. The burden of real problems is transformed into fodder for a high-energy pantomime. And the most potent story tonight, the most potent story across North America, is one of financial ruin, desperation, and enslavement of a frightened and abused working class to a heartless, tyrannical, corporate employer. For most, it is only in the illusion of the ring that they are able to rise above their small stations in life and engage in a heroic battle to fight back.

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Goddamn, what happens to this fury if, jebus willing, Trump is either defeated in 2020 and/or ends up on the business end of an indictment? Do these people just deflate and slink away, or do they turn this energy into something even more destructive? If these people are able to maintain this staggering amount of rage when they are on the winning side, I can’t imagine what they’re capable of in the next phase.


The video says Trump has “criticized the media.”

This is wrong. “Criticizing the media” is what Siskel & Ebert do. When the President calls somebody the “enemy of the people,” that’s not criticism.ThaIt’s incitement.