Democrats take House, GOP tightens grip on Senate


He’s already dancing as fast as he can. Going to fall down and go boom.


In other excellent election news:


“But, what about her emails!?”


There’s something to be said for tieing him up through the rest of his term. And for laying the groundwork for criminal charges after he leaves office.


I’m sure that Trump’s already explored giving himself a Richelieu pardon as he leaves office.


And while we’re giving credit where absolutely none is due, why not trot out the ole blossom that trump is so effective because he’s playing 8 dimensional chess?

It’s time for new leadership.


I admire your optimism!


I agree with that in general, although there is an argument for the symbolic value of an impeachment bill even if blocked by the Senate.

Those interviews with Pelosi were done some time ago, however, in the context of a hypothetical Democratic Senate. She didn’t claim that impeachment was impractical; she claimed that it was unjustified.

Pay-go is the bigger problem. Unilateral disarmament of the House’s spending powers.


I’ve been thinking about how Obama decided not to call for an investigation into W after he became president, and I think he was right, given the circumstances he would have been absolutely pilloried.

HOWEVER, I don’t think it should be up to an incoming president to ask for an investigation. It should just be standard practice, part of the passing of the baton that a thorough investigation takes place. Perhaps the FBI, or some new government accountability office with indictment power conducts a full audit of the president’s term in office and issues a report, and indictments as needed, just as a matter of course.


I think the Mirriam-Webster definition is too rigid. The original French slang started out meaning a trench paper from WW1, and may have generalized to an unprofessionally produced article or argument, or one which, for whatever reasons, cannot be published. In this case America may have been founded more as a republic than a democracy (citation needed) but it does not follow that the party with ‘Republic’ in its title is therefore 'right, and the party with ‘Democrat’ is ‘wrong’ as Trump is saying without actually saying.

A canard is not necessarily false. Here’s one with an awesome record of humbling the mighty with the truth…


Good luck with that Donnie.

Even if it’s possible to pardon himself; those state level charges won’t go away.


I don’t envy the Democrats their predicament. They can now shut down the government as easily as the Republicans did; but, of course, shutting down the government is a failure for Democrats and a victory for the Republicans. The yahoos certainly have the whip-hand these days.


Sadly Texas gets to keep the Zodiac Killer.


I think this is questionable. It’ll have a similar symbolic value to the push against Kavanaugh: a conspicuous democratic tactical defeat in return for the strategic gain of Republicans on the record not giving a shit about immoral or criminal things they currently vaguely pretend to give a shit about.


As a non-American I wonder what the difference is, in the voting, that leaves the Senate in the hands of the Republicans? Is it the effect of gerrymandering, voter suppression, people voting for current incumbents, not all the seats being in contention this time around, or some other factor?


The only response I would have to this is “Stop wasting your time when there’s real work to be done.”

This is the Democrat equivalent to all those Obamacare-repeal bills that kept getting introduced by Republicans. They knew they’d all get shot down, but had to keep posturing anyway. I’d rather they spend time doing things that at least have a chance of getting results.


Better to see what possible serious charges shake out of investigating Trump first. Then the impeachment debate, airing all the dirt, would start in a year during the 2020 race.


It’s mostly not all the seats being in contention.

There are 100 seats in the senate. 35 were up for re-election. Of the 65 that were not, 42 were Republican.

So they only had to win 8 of 35 to keep control.


Yes. Saying “America is a REPUBLIC, not a DEMOCRACY” is kind of like saying “humans are APES, not MAMMALS.”


It’s technically correct, which is the best kind of correct!


Where was it I saw the line about how electing Democrats means “a 30-foot Nancy Pelosi?”