Democrats take House, GOP tightens grip on Senate


I’m trying to get my head around how “humans are not mammals” is “technically” correct. Except, I guess, insofar are “technically correct” is a phrase that means, “incorrect”.

ETA: Though I will nitpick the analogy. It should be “dogs are mammals, they’re not canines” because a republic is a super-class of a democracy, not the other way around. (And if someone wants to prove me wrong by telling me about a democracy that isn’t a republic I genuinely interested to hear about such a thing!)


Thank you.


As sad as it is, I believe it’ll take $5 gas or double-digit inflation or 10% unemployment before some of these folks will realize that the GOP is not their friend. Not lies, not corruption, not hatred, not fear-mongering, not profiteering, not hypocrisy, not incompetence. Clearly.


They will just come up with more subsidies like they are doing now in the farm belt to the tune of $12 Billion.


Future Republican, “Sure we’ve got $5 gas and double-digit inflation and 10% unemployment; but it would be worse if the Librulz were in power! Come on, people! Let’s keep 'merica great!”

I think that fear and ignorance is a well that will never run dry.


Pelosi is done. We need a war time consigliere.


It’s a small step forward. We’re literally only getting started. There is a lot of work left to do, our country is still terminally ill with Nazis and corrupt money and we’d all be wise to act as though NOTHING has changed. If we relent even slightly, they’ll take it back and more.

It has happened over, and over, and over, and over again.

Stay upset. Do not revel. Do not celebrate. We get to celebrate when the job is done. Too many times I’ve watched the American left win some kind of victory and then just go right back to not caring. We cannot keep dong that.


I don’t see it as great news when people’s rights are recognised through a referendum. I mean, it’s good that voters made the right choice, but asking the question in the first place establishes that minorities only have rights at the pleasure of the majority, which is the very definition of second-class status. If the vote had gone the other way, it would not only take away recognition of trans people, it would implicitly forbid elected representatives from granting that recognition on their own authority (which is the correct way to do it).


The Top Minds over on the conservative subreddits are rationalizing the loss of the House as a win. If the repubs had kept control, their chances of keeping the White House in 2020 would be impossible because they’d have to take the blame for everything that is wrong, but with the government fragmented the way it now is, Trump can now blame the do-nothing dems and get re-elected with ease.


What joed said, plus more generally we have several more low-population, largely rural, right-leaning states than we do left-leaning. States like Wyoming and Alaska, which have total populations equal to a decent-sized city, have the same number of senators (2) as do population powerhouses like California or New York.


I see it as great news that they weren’t taken away and that this will effect efforts in other states.

But - yeah - just assuming we’re not human sucks


In 2020, there won’t be a Caravan.

In 2020, the Senate map will be a lot better for Democrats.

In 2020, Republicans will need to explain away the results of a year and a half of House investigations into the ethical rot of Trump’s cabinet appointees.

In 2020, Trump’s financial misdeeds, conflicts of interest, and possible Russian conspiring will be laid bare.

In 2020, there will be fewer angry, frightened elderly Boomers.

In 2020, there will be a whole bunch of angry, woke, young talented Democrats who have had a taste of victory and will be totally out of fucks running for office or supporting campaigns.


IANAL, but if I may opine, the Equal Protection clauses found in the US constitution implicitly recognize only “humans.” Over time our societal definition of exactly who qualifies as “human” has expanded, from landed white protestant (straight, cis, although at the time these would not even have been though of) males originally to, for most of us, everybody now. No, it should not be up to elections to recognize another person as “human” it does speak to social progress that it passed. We need to ensure that this evolution continues, even into the backwater swamps of society.


You can fool some of the people all the time, but hopefully enough will come their senses to shift some election numbers toward the light. It’s just a shame that that’s the only thing that will make that happen.

Is it wrong of me to hope for a U.S. economic collapse to follow its current moral collapse?


Keep in mind “The Caravan” wasn’t an election issue because it was an especially newsworthy event, it was an issue because Trump needed to find a boogeyman. He’ll have another in 2020.


I like your attitude, sir. Keep calm and carry on!


It is shit, isn’t it. Fucking Republicans.

@Brainspore “The Caravan” will still have probably not “arrived” by 2020. It will just have grown larger and more menacing in the rhetoric of POTUS. How is this Caravan supposed to be travelling anyway? They are taking to long, it must be snail-drawn wagons.


Sure there will.

There are small caravans heading north all the time. All he has to do is pick one and focus the media on it. With all that attention, it’ll rapidly grow in size (because desperate people have media too), and he can talk about the virile weapons-grade migrants again.

And if not a caravan, then some other equivalent. And the press will eat it up.


Right, like the Republican senators weren’t feeding material as fast as the press could swallow.

The usual response when he’s feeling threatened.


Republics and democracies are not subsets of each other in either direction – they are two different concepts that aren’t really connected – democracies can be a republic or not a republic (as in countries that have a ceremonial monarch), but a republic is not necessarily a democracy in any meaningful way – For instance, any country called a “people’s republic” or “democratic republic” is paradoxically almost assuredly a dictatorship.