Democrats take House, GOP tightens grip on Senate


The problem with impeachment talk is all of Trump’s crimes were things that were widely known (or easily anticipated) during the election. The voter’s saw these issues and still elected, it would be very hard to justify an impeachment based on them.

On the other hand, if the Dems can use subpoena power to find proof of Russian collusion or Trump deciding policy for personal financial gain that could change the calculus (although the Senate it still a huge obstacle).

Really I think the best strategy is to use the committees to start issuing subpeona’s and airing his dirty laundry. There’s enough scandals that they can plausibly drive the media cycle right up till 2020.


At latest count, Abrams is down by 69k+ votes against Kemp. Eerie how that aligns with the 70k black voters whose registrations Kemp tried to purge…:thinking:


Are there any votes still in limbo pending legal cases?


That essentially happened (the housing finance crisis) and it took them all of 2 years to forget.


Look at the latino voters there… I guess they thought that racism didn’t apply to them…


Impeachment is entirely political. There is no need to justify it. The charges don’t really matter. Power matters.

It’s fairly pointless because it’s just setting yourself up for a loss. McConnell has it voted down five minutes after the house passes a charge, or maybe just says he will ignore it, maga hats high five. Unhelpful leftists all post on Twitter about what a loser pelosi, or whoever, is.

Publish Trump’s tax returns.


He also just publicly admitted that any investigations he launches into the House will be part of a purely politically-motivated “game” rather than based on legitimate National Security concerns.


It’s not like he and his are going to suddenly start behaving. There will be new things to dig up all the way to 2020 as well.

I’m starting to feel like I’m stuck in Transmetropolitan without Spider Jerusalem and without the ability to easily synthesize mind-numbing drugs.


I feel the same. We took this hill. Good job, everyone. Rest up; we march again tomorrow.


Not quite. All apes are mammals, not all republics are democracies.

More like “humans are BIPEDS, not MAMMALS”


That works for me.


Much better to win the senate and presidency and add two justices.


White women of Texas…I don’t understand you and I never will (well half of you). Damn I wish moving was less terrifying.


I like* how some political parties keep “Revolutionary” in their name, decades after the fact.


Bye, Scott.


Throw those out. Calling a dog’s tail a leg doesn’t make it so.


I don’t really know. I voted Texas, though it didn’t tip the scales.


If I’m being honest, I secretly hoped there would be a complete Democratic takeover (as I think many of us did), but I also had a deep fear that they would pretty much lose everything.

So we got something in-between and it feels like a bit of a letdown.

The unfortunate thing is that we’re going to see a lot of in-fighting on the left as the centrist democrats try to appeal to a non-existent voter who “just wants civility.” It’s going to be painful to watch.

The main hope I have now that the GOP has been completely taken over by Trump, is that their Faustian bargain comes due… Without Trump I don’t think the GOP stands much of a chance, so if some unforeseen event removes him from the situation or if he somehow turns toxic, well, a boy can dream, right?


But Lamar Smith is no longer in charge of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology. That’s a wonderful thing.


I think we might be well served to think of this election along the lines of a “Gettysburg” moment. Lincoln was privately disappointed at the outcome of the battle because he thought General Meade had blown his chance to defeat Lee’s army once and for all, but even so it was a major tipping point in the war.

We need to focus on how to make the most effective use of the tactical victories we just won.