Demonic Colonel Sanders ketchup pack


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It looks like Chinese ketchup packaging. You might have to go to a KFC in China to pull this excellent stunt.

why isnt this a gif on the front page. people are gona miss out on this awesomeness Mark !

Reminds me of the old Doom death animations.

(This time, with the correct link… )

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Too bad it’s not green ketchup.

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I’m a vegetarian, so I don’t go there for the actual chicken, but if I need a traditional greasy fast food fix, it’s hard to beat their batter-dipped potato wedges and cole slaw. (Another overdose option is In-n-Out Burger’s animal-style fries, which are topped with fried onions, cheese, and salad dressing, sort of a Californianized poutine.)

Now that KFC is part of the Yum Brands empire, they’re often combined with a Long John Silver’s fish joint and/or Taco Bell or Pizza Hut.

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I never really understood why the parent company wouldn’t leverage the individual brands and combine them in unique ways.

So you’d have a KenTacoHut that serves a KFC pizza, or some such creation.


WE DO CHICKE̖̙ͣ̉N̻̹̪̖̤̺͛ͩ̈͑̅ͤ̈́ ̷̬̼̖͓̪̖R̥͙̰̰̋̿ͅI̝͓̒̑G̝̮̤͈̹͖͕H̴̔ͧ̓͊̾ͩͤT̩͙


This is almost, but not quite, as great as the decades-old, “Land-O-Lakes butter lady showing her boobs trick”.


In-and-Out Burger sounds like something from Clockwork Orange… and not something good and wholesome either…

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There are some locations that have two in the same building. The same company used to own Long John Silver’s and A&W too. Maybe it’s me, but I don’t really want the smells from one polluting another.

Arguably the best song EVER.

It bleeds! It is the miracle of St Sanders

I once ordered food from a Taco Bell that was combined with a KFC. I don’t know what went on at that place, but those ended up being the greasiest tacos I’ve ever had and a really odd flavor to boot.

You’re high, aren’t you?

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I just remembered I have this picture that a coworker took when I worked at Taco Bell. That dark liquid? That’s grease.

Blech. But then, I’m aware that there’s a lot of grease involved in the normal food. Heck, I could probably take some pretty gross pictures when cooking tacos at home.

The tacos from this particular place were… special. Absolutely soggy with grease, and all with this weird off flavor that I’ve never tasted at another Taco Bell since. Of course, I’ve never eaten at another combined store since then, either.

Well that’s typically what a giant pile of ground beef + seasoning looks like whenever I’ve cooked chili before. I usually just skim off what I can and proceed.

Besides, that looks mild compared to some of the hole in the wall pizza places I visit. Grease literally floating on top of the pizza. Meh, just take your napkin and soak it up. (I’m usually eating fried wings with it, so some pizza grease isn’t going to matter much.)

No. But think about it. KFC chicken is pretty good (when it’s hot and fresh). Now I don’t care for chicken on pizza, but I’d think a spicy tomato sauce some veggies and diced KFC wouldn’t be half bad.

Or a KFC/Taco Bell burrito.

On the down side the price would have to go up because you couldn’t us cheap meats, but it’d be neat.