Demonic possession on the rise in America, and other tabloid stunners

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I guess this is a permanent regular feature now?

Eh, I guess demonic possession explains the Presidential race better than anything…


Seems to be…


eh, wanting to see the world burn is a legit life goal, even for presidential hopefuls with supporting mobs


The Purge crossed with Paranormal Activity with a dash of The Omen thrown in for good measure!

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it’s just reflective of typical evangelical Christian church teachings: that there is a for-real spiritual war going on between God and the Devil right hear on Earth in your everyday life and that people are possessed by the Devil and His various minions.
You work next to people who really and truly believe this – but they don’t talk openly about it (except to each other).
This belief serves a purpose for those in political power (it ensures a voting block) and for those in the organized religion hierarchy (maintaining/growing income, influence, control).
So, basically, people in power using others for their benefit. Nothing new there.

Um, I’m pretty sure Rachel Maddow identifies as a woman. I mean you did use “her” in the sentence. Unless it’s her pastor, E.J., who carries Jo Malone, La Mer moisturizer, and Chanel lipstick in “his” Chanel tote? (Are we sure E.J. is a man? Rachel Maddow is a progressive.)

Actually, I really want to know why Rachel Maddow lets Us magazine even look in her purse.

Now, I’m just confused.

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I possess all the demons!

Tasks: 283 total, 2 running, 281 sleeping, 0 stopped, 0 zombie


but all the zombies starved to death. not enough brain in your daemons?


Only because I admire Rachel Maddow, and I wanted to know about a wood-splitting Chanel-bag-carrying pastor, I frittered away precious minutes of my life looking into it.

E.J. Johnson is the son of Magic Johnson, and he doesn’t appear to be Rachel’s pastor. Rachel splits wood. E.J. carries a Chanel bag with fancy potions.

I wish them both well, but I’d rather go for a drink with Rachel.

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:laughing: I like your explanation better. :laughing:

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I do believe you forgot to mention the recent Washington Post story titled I Diagnose Mental Illness and Sometimes Demonic Possession by, apparently, an actual psychiatrist. July 3.



Please, please, that woman can spell just fine. She’s just very old and comes from a time when spelling was done to taste, say EmodE…

Scarier still, in some places “demens” is how they spell “dementia”. Coincidence? I think not!

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Maybe she wants doors to be opened for dewomens?


The constant ‘ten years away’ of strong AI has played merry hell with trying to keep digital zombies alive. Sure, you can chuck em a few fractal Google dogs, but eventually they just waste away.

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