Precedents are no longer relevant; the US Constitution is going to be rewritten before this is done. One way or another.

You can’t just remove Trump and leave his fascist judiciary in office. The whole lot have to be replaced.

The failure to do that was what created this mess in the first place.

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One Supreme Court nomination is a judiciary to you?


Plus the previous twenty years’ worth of stacking the USSC and lower courts with extremists. They’ve been working up to this for decades.

They aren’t conservatives; they’re fascists.

As you may have noticed, the real American left has been openly calling for revolution since the start of Bernie’s campaign. It wasn’t just rhetoric.

There is still a chance for it to be a peaceful revolution, but a revolution is coming either way.


You realize that isn’t on trump. As despicable as he may be as a president. He’s not been doing this.

And as I stated above the argument is not about if the SS should be protecting the POTUS and their family. They should be and are. We don’t change what has been a proper function for all this time because of one undesirable president. Nor is the secret service function have anything to do with judicial systems, extremism, or politics.

Stay on topic.


Yup. It’s not just Trump; it’s the whole party.

That’s the point.


Fine. But that was not what the thread was about and I don not care to have a discussion about this topic. Have a nice night.


I am curious, since changing the constitution requires a consensus that obviously isn’t there and seeing that about half of all Americans who vote, vote Republican… what’s your plan for doing this? Civil war?

It ain’t my plan.

It’s just what is happening. The American revolution is on.

The working class have woken up, they are in the streets, and they are pissed.

There’s too much momentum to stop it now. There is still a very small chance that it goes off relatively peacefully, if enough people wake up in time.

Fight, or flee; your call. But do it now.

I’m not in America. I ain’t fleeing or fighting.

And who do you suppose is going to win the civil war? Because the right wing is also made up of the working class because, honestly, in a system so far down the income inequality slip’n’slide as America evidently is, very nearly everyone is.

No idea.

The left have the numbers and the brains, the right has the strategic high ground at the moment. And it isn’t a war yet.

If it goes hot, it’s going global. Too many bases in too many countries.

The Trumpeters are overwhelmingly middle class. A lot of 'em are lower middle class, but they have very few actual working class people. Workers go communist, fascism is a middle-class pathology.

We aren’t having a literal civil war. Not yet.

Trump’s actual fanbase is extremely small and rapidly shrinking. Like the 120+ white nationalists who showed up to meet a crowd of 40,000 in Boston last weekend, they can be very loud on social media, but in the real world, they’re powerless.

And once you do, it’ll be too late to run.

I can’t make you believe me. But how often have I gotten this wrong over the last two years?

What, the call for actual armed conflict? Pretty much constantly.

That would be a thing that I have never actually done.

That is utter utter utter bullshit.
I’m done here. Absolutely finished.

Sorry. Old lefty reflexes. If you sell your labor, you are working class in my head.

That said… while the petit bourgeois of Bavaria were Hitler’s base, and while the industrial workers were the base of the Bolsheviks, I’ve not once seen an American communist who’s hasn’t either finished university or been at university. And in America a university education costs.

Watch the streets. Ignore the mainstream media. Have a look at radical Twitter.

BLM and the DSA are roaring, they’re working together and the streets are mobilising. The kids who listened to Bernie talked to their friends, and they all got radical after the DNC fucked him.

They’re out for blood, and they’re organised.

Oh, fuck it.

To some of you, this will be irritatingly obvious and perhaps patronising. To some of you, this will be unacceptably wrong, and equally irritating. But for the record, and addressed purely to the Americans:

This is what I have been trying to tell you for two years.

I have not been calling for armed insurrection. What I have been saying is that if you do not get your shit together and organise with your neighbours to shut down the streets, then an armed insurrection is inevitable. And if it gets to that point, then an armed insurrection is the least bad of a host of diabolically shitty options.

You have a very, very short time period in which you still have a chance to avert that outcome. If you do not, WWIII happens. And we’re all in it. Everyone. Everywhere.

I am not going to throw some emotional plea on the end, because by this stage it would be pointless. Act, or don’t act. It’s your choice.

But now.

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