Denny's intruders entered at 2am. Made eggs.

You deserve a Pendant. I mean, only hens “make eggs”, as you implicitly note.

Did the miscreants make boiled eggs (we need to know temperature of water, length of time boiled, hard or soft, and whether the shell came off cleanly - indeed did they poke a hole in the shell, first), or did they make scrambled eggs, or poached eggs or fried eggs, or …

Maybe these miscreants eat eggs for every meal


I expect the suspects will be caught with egg on their faces



Many restaurants have changed operating hours due to the pandemic. The drastic reduction of customers hits hardest in the overnight hours, meaning places that formerly would have operated 24/7 are now closing for some number of hours overnight to save money.


Clearly Denny’s don’t like their eggs poached, so they scrambled an employee to eject the paltry thieves. Police were ready to shoot as soon as they saw the whites of their eyes but when they drew their weapons those bad eggs went over easy. One was a local stool pigeon, the other a chick in a coupe.


About 20 years ago my husband decided to buy a really expensive bottle of wine, just to see if it was that much better. Before we had a chance to drink it our house was broken into (while we were home, asleep upstairs!) The thieves stole our entire chocolate stash, our quarter jar, and all the booze in the cupboard over the fridge, including the expensive wine! The police actually laughed when we called and said to look in the recycling of any neighbors with teenagers over the next week to find out who it was.

Who knew drunken/stoned robbery was such a thing?


pop in there some night – i am sure the eggs are still as fresh as when the place was open

Ha! I tried the “poke a hole” thing after reading that post (unsterilized thumbtack :wink: ) and was disappointed in the outcome. It wasn’t the perfect peel I’d been led to expect. But it was a good egg.

Back to the Denny’s story: I suspect it may have been past or current line cooks. I can’t imagine just some rando feeling comfortable in a commercial kitchen like that, but maybe I underestimate my fellow humans.


Oh come on I CAN’T be the only person who read the headline and visualized an egg-laying animal and wondered what kind it was


I suspect it was the employee who hatched the plan


Police released this image from video surveillance of the culprit leaving the scene:


The thieves were caught plat-puted.


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