Denver voters repeal pit bull ban

Owning one is shameful IMO. Like owning a pistol or a poisonous snake. My neighbor has one that rushes the fence when I go to the mailbox. They are bred for aggression and to bite. She was training another large German Shepherd to attack humans and to “hold fast” like a police dog I suppose. At least that one is gone now. I rather like the Golden she is training for the companion dog charity she works for.


Plenty of responsible people own all three (or a subset), and they never do harm to anyone… it just requires responsibility.


The only thing that can stop a bad owner with a dog is, um, a good owner with a dog? :slight_smile:
A good dog?
Maybe a cow?


One might argue that due to their strength, on the occasion they do bite/attack they have the ability to do a lot more damage than most breeds.

But I agree they shouldn’t be illegal. And like most potentially dangerous things, aren’t “bad”, as you said.


The law, and the RSPCA (at least where I live), they actually have the right to confiscate animals who are being mistreated…

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This is a Charolais calf… steer. Nothing pit nor bull about it. In fact, nothing even remotely dog about it.


Nope - Staffordshire terrier bull. Another common mistake.


Sure. You can define a pit bull as being one of several breeds, and then you can go to the American Kennel Club for a list of caliper amenable characteristics. Doesn’t quite work with mutts. But I suppose it would work in cases where people are trying to breed “fighting dogs”.

Pitiful advocates like to pretend that their favored breed are “gentle”. Possible, but why not just breed for gentleness, and leave the other strange mutations out of it?


Who do you think is breeding pit bulls for aggression and/or to bite? Perhaps the ones still being used in dog fights, but there are other breeders out there you know.

You just said she was training her German Shepard to attack, seems like a pretty clear indication that the training and not the breed is responsible.


Oh. I thought that photo was a lab mix.


The German shepherd has a nasty reputation in some circles.

“According to Von Stephanitz, the original German shepherd was distinguished from other dogs in that it was purely descended from the wolf,” said Boria Sax, the author of the 2002 book Animals and the Third Reich. “The identification between the soldiers and the dogs was pretty intense and to an extent the dogs were used to model military virtues — which is to say, loyalty and obedience and at times even cruelty.”

Even as millions of people were slaughtered by the Nazis, the dogs were treated with great care. A core of about 30,000 animals were employed throughout the vast operations of the Third Reich, whose officers placed a emphasis on unadulterated bloodlines. Most chillingly, some of Von Stephanitz’s theories on the purity of species is believed to have informed the Nazis’ policies on eugenics.


We are on our third (mix).
All three wonderful creatures.


Came across this channel the other day


Ours was the greatest dog ever, and we still miss her every single day. She loved people and kids, and she let our cats boss her around (seriously, she was super scared of their low growls).


Ours doesn’t bark, sleeps under the covers and walks right past the rabbits in our yard.


my pibble is the sweetest god damned dog on the planet and i applaud this outcome. she’s currently god damned cuz she decided to roll in poo this morning and i had to spend my lunch hour giving her a bath that she, and her 65lbs of super-muscle didn’t want.


Legislation sponsored by the Pitbulls Eating People’s Faces Party…


Dog owners -and people who watch them- can be just as racist as anyone else… the trick is, that bigotry against dog breeds still gets a pass, in ways that are harder to justify when humans are getting fucked.

I had a Staffie (the dog, not the steer), sweet boy! my condo HOA tried, unsuccessfully, to ban him.
what did happen was that having an American Staffordshire “bull” terrier, made my homeowners’ insurance premium double!

ISWYDT :wink: