Departing Burningman attendees do not actually empty San Francisco in an appreciable manner

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About 5 years ago, we lived in the Haight and I’d really notice the exodus to BM. More recently, it seems like the demographics of BM have changed and the Haight (and by association, the city in general) feels only marginally emptier. Also, while I don’t really like the Creamery (food bleh, people meh, location nice!), shout out to them (because I like Ivor Bradley)!

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What ever happened to that splinter group, you know…the one with the bourgeois aspirations/tone?

Too bad this kickstarter failed:

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“Exodus” is what happens next Sunday and Monday when everyone leaves the playa. There’s a whole sub-department of Gate and Perimeter for it.

Inside fucking baseball. San Francisco is even more obsessed with itself than New York. I’m in the tech industry and it’s disconcerting to see the sheer amount of media attention devoted to every single fixation the herd of narcissistic nerds fixates on every other month.

My favorite was bulletproof coffee. We get it. It’s butter. In coffee. Not only can it make you skinny, it can also make you fly. Runner up is intermittent fasting. They get a pass on microdosing, because that seems fucking awesome.


Indeed, with the long weekend and tourism, the number of feet on the streets doesn’t change all that much. What drops enough to notice is the number of assholes.

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