Deplorables gave a Newsweek reporter a seizure


"For self-protection, I am taking a short twitter break. I will be spending that time with my lawyers & law enforcement going after 1 of u.

Last night, for the second time, a deplorable aware I have epilepsy tweeted a strobe at me with the message "you deserve a seizure’ on it. …it worked.

This is not going to happen again. My wife is terrified. I am…disgusted."

…you know, for the next time someone wants to float an “all sides are equally bad” canard.


Man, that sucks. And the ensuing schoolyard Twitter fight just makes my brain hurt so bad.


I do find it weird that in the middle of all his tweets about this attack he took time to hawk Kathy Griffin’s new book.


I have a feeling since that was a book plug that was created a while back and scheduled.


The Show MUST Go On!


This is definitely a case where Twitter crosses the line from “just free speech” to something worse. This is not speech.

Inciting violence is also not free speech. So, in a just world, anyone who tweets anything threatening at someone had better hope that nothing bad happens to that person.


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