Dermatologist hilariously explains potential permanent damage from "Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge"




Also, if you cross your eyes they could stick that way, and masturbation will cause hair to grow on your hands (or whatever appendage you are using).


That explains all the furry shotglasses that started turning up in the kitchen cabinets when I was 12.


Luckily there’s a safer way!


Hard, elongated and saggy lips was the best selling point, I’m all in!


your joke implies that this video was full of misinformation, and it’s perfectly safe to do the challenge. Hilarity


Whatever lip damage there is from attempting the challenge cannot exceed the brain damage requisite for the attempting.


This seems like the current equivalent of flipping your eyelids inside out.


I had a buddy who liked to flip his eyelids inside out. He had to get his lenses replaced when he was 12 (hereditary disorder, not caused by eyelid flipping.)

Then he did the eyelid flipping thing again after recovering from getting his lenses replaced, because he was 12 and stupid, and nobody specifically said he couldn’t because the adults didn’t know he liked to do that.

Turns out that it can scrape an artificial lens right off the eyeball when you flip them back right side out.


Probably so. I doubt anybody in the video had permanent damage - they looked okay to me. The dangers probably don’t manifest until hundreds or even thousands of repetitions. Leaving out that part of the story kind of renders the whole thing misinformation, since almost nobody is obsessed enough to do this thousands of times.

It’s kind of like saying water can kill you, without mentioning “if you’re face-down in it for five minutes.”


The giveaway is the prominently displayed “Chronic Injury” in the thumbnail, as well as the Dermatologist actually saying “chronic injury”. So, once, twice, or even ten times really isn’t what he’s talking about.

He’s talking about scarring from doing this regularly over a long period of time.



You’re the one pitching softballs here. You can’t blame me for hitting it out of the park!




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