Teenager dies from hickey


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Just a tip: if you search about this case, you will find circular mentions but no real name, no real photo, do real data…

It is not true.

The New Zealand case is true, you can verify it.


I would think that the new zealand woman would have had a clot there already, and the hickey loosened it.
Or at least she was extremely predisposed towards clotting because blood clots do not just spontaneously form because a blood vessel gets crimped for five-ten seconds or so.
And even then, good grief, that’s less neck sucking and more like…
Unnatural hunger.


Well, if you have to go…


Holy shit, I had no idea I was playing with death!


If hickeys are wrong, I don’t wanna be right.


hickeys are amateur hour.


Apart from the dead story above, if true, sorry for the family.
I have no idea what is the thing with hickey’s. Hate them, don’t dislike some passionate thingies. (insert nudge nudge, wing wing here). But hickey’s, always seen them as some ‘she/he belongs to me, look, marks’ primitive teenage not wanted thing.
So, lovers, please explain. :wink:


Yeah, I don’t get those. Tried 'em out in the mid-80s, didn’t understand the allure. At least once, my sister got one from her boyfriend and tried to explain it away to our mom by saying she burned her neck with the curling iron.


Exactly, and now I nearly want to ask for a count of the giving and receiving part.


If he’s 17 and she’s 24 I’m calling her a _lady_friend. AMIRITE?!?


Hickey is a great name for these bruises; it sounds slightly dumb and is occasionally dangerous, just like real hicks.


As Opus says, “hickeys and bananas, that’s the secret?”


Holy crap! If this is true, does this mean that the welts caused by ‘cupping’ could also cause a stroke? I’ve heard the welts are basically giant hickeys…


17, okay, but what 44 year old is giving or getting hickeys? Was she also making cocktails out of a little bit of every bottle in her parents’ liquor cabinet? Did she claim to be going to a slumber party at Stacy’s house?


You just had to go and ruin the internet!


Don’t like them and don’t aim to give or get them, but they’re caused by suction, and if you are getting into kissing the neck, they can happen without trying for them. Especially if the person you’re with already tends to bruise easily.

At least, that’s um… what people tell me…


so you’re a goer hey? i’ll bet you do!

say no more.

but are you a sport? he asked him knowingly…



Sexy-times kill.