Teenager dies from hickey


Too much facial hair, never going to happen to me.


Veins go to the heart. You can’t have suction on an artery because it’s pressurized. Now, a blood clot being pushed through the carotid artery, maybe, but the carotid is an inch below the skin — there’s no way that a hickey is going to penetrate that deep.

And a blood clot in a vein would create suction and then travel to the heart, yes, but it would then get lodged in the lungs (like the risk that the Mayo Clinic describes for deep vein thrombosis). Travelling from the jugular, down to the heart, through the lungs, back into the heart, and then making its way back up into the brain?

I’m going to have to agree with @Giorgio_Xenofonte and call this one BS.


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@doctorow seems to be a big hickies advocate.

Same with @waetherman


The snopes entry looks inconclusive for now, neither a green or red status:


According to neurologist Dr. Mitchell Elkind, direct pressure on the carotid artery could cause a tear in the vessel, loosing a blot clot that reach the brain.

See, that sounds plausible.

There has been at least one other recorded case of a hickey-caused stroke, an incident in Auckland, New Zealand in 2011 in which a 44-year-old woman was partially paralyzed after a “love bite” on her neck caused a blood clot which ended up in her heart.

And that sounds plausible.

But from the neck, to the heart, and then back to the brain? Not buying it.


Dear God I fucking hate them. My first girlfriend in high school used to love giving them to me, in spite of my protests. She was older so didn’t have to endure what I did at school. General amusement at first, then just rolling eyes.


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I really did burn my neck with curling iron as a teen-ager and apparently this excuse was common enough for my mom to know because in no way did she believe me.

I rarely lough out loud at responses, but dude, this one made me spit my water.


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Seems fake. Not sure how this qualifies as a “wonderful thing.” Disappointed.


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I think that’s pretty much the reason. Also, if the receiver wishes to brag, it’s evidence that they’ve been making out with someone.


Yeah, but still: 44-year-old giving or getting hickeys? I’ve had a whole lotta sex with a whole lotta different people since the last time I gave or received a hickey.


Some people find the sensation sexy. That’s all there is. It’s just like any other turn-on. I’m not clear how age is supposed to factor into it.


It’s not (generally) about the marks at all. It’s a sensation some people find sexy that happens to also leave a mark.


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Even if it doesn’t kill you, it can lead to Cooties!