DeSantis's laws and policies have Florida educators fleeing the state and the profession

Let’s see what that does to Florida jobs when companies determine they can’t hire qualified employees locally, and they can’t entice qualified employees to move to Florida…


Gilead, Phase 1, completed…


Ah the fascist mantra, short term political benefit at the cost of everything else.
They always scream about GDP, economy, and productivity growth but little they know, those are the direct and indirect results of the improvement of education on everything. The problem with the GQP is their wants of the improvements of materials, technology, and economy growth but without the freedom of thinking in society just for the shake of clinging to power. They always give me the impression that “strong men” leadership is everything. Well, I agree that charismatic leader “moves” people. After all, the emotion is important to start action. However, without the technical prowess afforded by education, I don’t see anything but an aggressive mob that hellbent on destroying everything. As history had proven, fascism consumes everything, even itself.
The dilemma they facing is ironic and contradict at the same time: they want a competent but not curious or questioning/rebelling against authority work force. I have “good” news for them about how it turns out from the communist and authoritarian states. They don’t want people with different political view going against them but ok with their brown shirt running rampage. Well, they probably will following the Nazi playbook of using their “freedom” fighters to take out all the political opposition. Once they have captured all branches of government, all those idiots will get their ass handed to them by the military because they had proven difficult to control.
Last time, we have the US intervene the Nazi but I’m not sure about this time: China or Russia? /S They’re not really an option anyway. The only way out of this is to resist and organize to push back and kick out any fascist trying to get hold of power. There is no hero. Everyone has to do their part because the obvious outcome is unacceptable.
I feel sorry for the teachers and people who didn’t vote for this asshole. People voted for him, not so much. FAFO. Under his management, the state is turning to literally hellscape, not just politically: flesh-eating bacteria, record high temperature, hurricane, raising sea level, high inflation, LGBT’s right and women’s body autonomy violations,… Those fascists always exclaim “freedom” but what they striking for is anything but that. I would rather have all the attention and resource directed at climate change with them out of the picture entirely.


Whenever I hear that from someone, I gently put my coffee cup down and look them squarely in the eye. I spend a few seconds composing myself, because it’s hard to say calmly, and because silently staring them in the eye sends exactly the right message.

Then I tell them: I’ve travelled. I’ve been to places where schools aren’t much paid for by taxes. They’re shitty, corrupt, crime-ridden places, precisely because schools aren’t a priority. It’s not about whether you have kids or not. It’s about whether you’d rather stay safe by paying a bit for schools or a lot for personal guards.


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I wasn’t sure where Brevard County was, so I looked it up.
It contains Cape Canaveral and KSC.
This is… disturbing.
Is that greed-mongering jackass of a board chairman appointed, or is he elected?
Either way, those precious property values of his will be rendered moot, sooner than later, when those properties are underwater.

It’s one-upmanship.
Texas took over the Houston school district, so DeSatan is destroying education in the whole state! Probably replace public education with private charter schools, so those owners get to wallow in the public trough.
Texas is trying to force religion into public schools, so it wouldn’t be surprising if DeSatan outlaws schools that aren’t religiously affiliated.



Problem is, by the time that happens DeSantis will have long moved on and he won’t care.

“The kids” have been used as an excuse for this sort of idiotic political gamesmanship since time immemorial. I can’t imagine that anyone with half a brain or even minimal understanding of the political process actually believes any of this nonsense is for the benefit of “the kids”.


I heard this kind of thing when I had to get petition signatures to run for the local library board. Schools, libraries - one guy even complained about all the taxes he’s paid over the years for the police - though I would bet good money this guy was a big ‘law & order’ advocate. If the town or neighborhood goes to crap, then your property values go to crap.

This kind of ‘argument’ is even worse when you realize they are too self-centered to realize that people before them paid taxes for schools, libraries and police.



Well, they now allow veterans without bachelor’s degrees get teaching certificates good for 5 years. That’s one change already.


Agreed; this is a textbook example rimshot of how that “No Child Left Behind” policy should be applied; the U.S. needs a Federal-level standard of education, “states’ rights” (to teach the Noble Lost Cause and equal lunacies) be damned. Unfortunately, as we saw with DeVos, all it takes is one absolutely insane political appointee to find all the gaps between ‘tradition’, ‘policy’, and actual non-negotiable laws to push their own anti-intellectual agenda.
I wish I knew the answer, aside from “vote DeSantis and all the other anti-intellectuals out”, but they’re gaming the system to make that as difficult as possible…


FTFY. She was not at all insane. She had a goal (to bilk all the profit out of “education” that she could) and was absolutely ruthless in going about it. That’s not insanity. That’s capitalism.


First they came for the teachers…

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