Desi Lydic shares Tucker Carlson's weird statement on nothing

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Whenever I see Tucker Carlson pontificating I can’t get over how much he resembles Major Frank Burns on the old MASH TV show. The blank, wide-eyed expression, the high-pitched, whiny voice, the tittering laugh–he’s Ferret Face reincarnated. I’d swear Larry Linville must have been Tuck’s acting coach.


Ah, the classic “you are hearing lies, but wait until you hear the real story”, but veiled just enough so he can play innocent when Murdoch’s lawyers call.

I bet the dummy is still talking shit in texts and emails.


“…how unbelievably stupid most of the debates you see on television are…”

Huh, like how fuckable M&Ms are (or aren’t)? I have to assume he’s talking about his own work, because that’s his whole thing. Weird how Tucker Carlson types develop self-awareness the moment they leave their jobs, then lose it the instance they go back to work and re-engage in exactly the kinds of stupid debates they were having before.


the orange face paint he and the rest of the fox hosts wear in tribute to their umpa lumpa god is so off putting. he looks like an ai render gone horribly wrong

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Looks like a very very last minute attempt to pretend to be a sensible centrist(“both political parties”…) after a decade or so of being the most prominent right wing media voice. It’s a job application to be a presidential candidate or a “mainstream” commentator.


I also think this is a job application or call for funding of his own venture.
He starts by saying he has a large fan base, the implication being that he will bring them with him to his new job. Then the odd comment about ‘bad debates’ I interpret as a hint that he is perfectly willing to shit on his old colleagues given the chance. And the vagueness at the end, the non specified good places bla bla, shows a willingness to endorse whoever will give him the next pay check. Not that weird really, I think it’s fairly clever given his situation.

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