Despite the polls, Trump may still win

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A low chance to win is still a chance to win. I’m shocked.


Welp, that’s the scariest Halloween story I’ve ever read.


Remember: W in 2004. Don’t be shocked, be angry. Angry enough to stop simply rolling eyes at trumpeters and making sure your kids (female and minority kids especially) see you calling these assholes assholes.

I’m an ethically European-based male so Karens and Larrys think I’m “on the team” so when I start asking them politely to stop espousing their mouth-shit-drivell (I use euphemisms in front of the kiddos but they don’t have a BB account yet) they seem shocked!

When did this become acceptable?’


Every american reading this should take it as a final warning to go and VOTE for Biden Harris. Trumps cult members are going to vote, but WE outnumber them by MUCH larger numbers.


Please go vote. If he wins, you country is done.


People say I’m crazy doing what I’m doing
Well they give me all kinds of warnings to stop me doom scrolling
When I say that I’m okay well they look at me kind of strange
Surely you’re not happy now you’re just staring at the drain

People say I’m lazy dreaming of progressive days
Well they give me all kinds of advice about conservative ways
When I tell 'em that I’m doing fine watching AOC online
Don’t you miss the Reagan days? You’ll never find a sign.

I’m just sitting here watching the doom go round and round
I really love to watch it flow
No longer riding on the highs of progress
I may have move to Sligho


Fortunately, Biden isn’t shocked. One of the things that gave me some hope that maybe, finally, the Dem establishment was waking up was this tweet:


This. Please go vote today. Please just go vote. Call off sick, call off dead, sneak out at lunch, Just. Go. Vote.

When the polls go high, people are all like “It’s too much bother to vote and we are going to win anyway.”

Please, it it vital that you not feel this way. It is vital to go vote anyway. Please go vote.

I have already voted. Please go vote, it is vital.


I assume (hope?) that everyone reading this (1) has voted already AND (2) has verified the counting of their vote. If you’re eligible and haven’t yet voted, please please please plan to do so tomorrow.

What that the 538 percentage means to me, in 2 opposing thoughts
We’ve been forced into a game of Russian Roulette, where we have a 10% chance of suicide. Most (all?) of us would rather not play that game. However, let’s also consider the fact that as we pull the trigger, we’re not likely to die.

Yes, the stakes are way too high. But here we are. We have a 10% chance of suicide. But 10% is not 100%, and it’s not a coin flip either. And cannabis is helpful.


If you say so. :wink:


What are the odds of Trump winning, but Democrats keep the House, take the Senate, and January 3rd run an express impeachment and conviction of Trump and Pence through before January 6th? (Throwing it to a contingent election in the House, but with only one pick.)


Can you fine people keep an eye on the live media? I want to know if Trump has set the artwork for this article as his wallpaper…

That will keep his narcissistic soul fed for a short while.

Edit: Stupidity


He’s definitely a heel. :wink:


Impeachment requires 2/3rds in the senate to remove. So he still won’t be out of office, because no Republican would vote in favor of it. Least I don’t think they would, but who knows, maybe if it’s a big enough blood bath, they’ll finally weigh anchor with the sinking Trump ship. Doubt it, though.


Robbie sez: 'Vote For Biden!"


It’s true–the polls are not certain, though they have been generally favorable for Biden, even in some states that Trump won easily in 2016. The other factor is that prediction models will be less reliable in the face of historically large turnout. A lot of occasional or first-time voters are coming out, and they’re harder to account for. The whole covid-mail-in-early voting dynamic has skewed things as well. If Biden wins all the states Clinton won (likely), holds the upper midwest, and PA, he’s won. If he flips NC, FL, GA, it becomes pretty overwhelming.


Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. There is a very, very good chance that Trump will remain in office. He could win the Electoral College and lose the popular vote once again or pull some legal shenanigans to have his stacked Supreme Court decide in his favor regarding Biden votes that should be eliminated. Make sure your Xanax prescription is filled this week.


Touche. Nobody came from Europe if you go far enough back I suppose.



I didn’t see it…

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