Details emerge after an honest Tesla employee thwarted a ransomware plot

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So, the honest employee did the right thing, the bad guy was arrested, and it all turned out as it should? I. . I’m not used to this kind of news guys.


as a Reno local, i really want to know which bar this went down in.


I’m betting it was the bar side of a Boston Pizza.

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Feelings about Elon Musk, Tesla, or capitalism aside, I sincerely hope this employee gets a very hefty bonus for thwarting a major headache for the company. He deserves it.


Seems to have worked out well in this instance, but this story adds to my pre-existing nervousness about cars that get frequent over-the-air software updates and require a touchscreen for basic functions. I drive a car that doesn’t have any wireless communication but when I eventually have to buy a new one I doubt that will be an option.


we don’t have one of those here, as far as i know, and one local article i read specifically mentioned it was at a bar in Midtown, which is somewhere i am pretty well acquainted with (cough).

Universal? I guess I’m behind the times. Learn something new every day.


This is Musk…

He will most likely snort a big line of Adderall and tweet that the employee is a “pedo-guy” and Musk could have prevented the issue himself with his neural-link enhanced brain.


No kidding there. If I want internet access in my car, I have a perfectly good smartphone. I don’t my my car itself connected to the net in any fucking way.

An honest nature is not always considered a plus by upper management.


Part of me wishes that an elaborate sandbox was setup to entrap and do forensic analysis on the malware, so (Tesla/FBI) can both claim the bounty for the ransomware plot without damage to Tesla and still have an arrest.


So let me get this straight:

The FBI will bag operatives doing work for the Russians who seek to interfere with private industry. That makes sense.

But bagging operatives doing work for the Russians who seek to interfere with public elections… that’s right out? I mean, there’s a few hiding out not at all hiding in that big fancy #FFFFFF house right around the corner from the Lincoln Memorial. You’d think the FBI would care about those types even more.

Some things are too great of mysteries for us mere mortals to grok.


Yeah, I thought that was a sign that the guy was some kind of perv, and wanted to see the phones exchange data or something.

i don’t think it was the fbi dragging their feet on those – let’s call them “other investigations”. they got lies, sandbagging and evasion at every turn. starting at the very top and slithering all the way down.


So, the honest employee did the right thing, the bad guy was arrested, and it all turned out as it should?

Not really. If Kriuchkov had any associates they’re still at large, which means there’s a good chance they know who the employee was, and can extract retribution. The more appropriate public response by the FBI would have been to claim they figured it out with somebody else’s help.

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That’s because the people that get approached about that sort of thing don’t turn the recruiters in to the authorities but rather enthusiastically say yes.

Oh, and also because every government agency has been beheaded and a political appointee zombie head has been installed.

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Hey Franko… you know this bar in Midtown. I know this bar in Midntown. Perhaps no one knows this bar (cough)
Don’t hear anyone talking about a bar… no ones talking about a bar (cough spit)

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