Detoxing is worse than bullshit: high lead levels in "detox clay"


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But it is organic lead! And organic is good.

…now the question is the actual bioavailability of said lead, how easily it leaches from the bentonite matrix in the body…


The bentonite clay detox is one of the weirdest ongoing healthfood scams out there. If you google around (and I don’t recommend it) you’ll see photos of people who post images of the lumps they poop out that they claim are “sloughed-off toxic colon lining” and are ribbed grey lumps shaped like the inside of a large intestine.



I don’t think I’d ever consume bentonite directly, but I would use it as a clarifier when making wine. Anyone have any thoughts about whether it’s worth being concerned?


Damn it Google!

Also, fun fact, most kitty litter is bentonite clay:


A little lead never hurt anybody, just ask Governor Snyder.


It seems to be doing wonders for my complexion.


Batman & Robin run from that shit!


Bentonite is a type of Fuller’s earth; I’ve used it for various purposes.

Although this “detox” product may contain lead, actual bentonite does not. Lead would generally be considered an highly undesirable impurity… particularly in mainstream consumer products, but also in agricultural uses such as pond liners &etc.


Perhaps the person in charge of labeling had Pica, and eating clay didn’t seem like an outlandish/potentially dangerous idea to them.


The name “bentonite” reminds me of a wonderfully-named substance: “Cummingtonite”.

… which just begs for the pickup line “Hey baby, are you made of magnesium iron silicate hydroxide? Because I think you’re cummingtonite!”



People, man


I don’t want to eat clay or put it on my face, but there’s bentonite in the cat litter I use. Am I poisoning my cats?


Aye, I keep seeing images of this T-shirt for some reason.

I once remarked that "alternative medicine" demonstrated some tendency to progress in that people stopped selling radium infusers – but actually, it seems you can still get them if you know where to look. (I doubt the authorities – the EPA, I suppose? – would be too happy if they found out, though.)




I think in the case of radium specifically, the DoE would be the one getting involved.


Why just infuse your water? Infuse your whole body!
Free Enterprise Radon Mine | Boulder, MT



Come on, sheesh, don’t be an idiot. You’re supposed to squirt coffee up your vagina, cram lead-infused clay up your asshole, and stick balls of dried vegetable matter in your mouth.