Devil Baby Attack: viral video marketing prank


The street sweeper’s reaction was hilarious. He just doesn’t give a shit.


The street sweeper is probably thinking “Oh lawdy, that’s probably another damn fool viral marketing stunt… yep.”


Not having visited NY, but the impression that I have of it is that the sweeper has probably seen 7 weirder things than that before breakfast.


Geez, that shit could give someone a heart attack.

But evidently not the street sweeper : )


Completely sympathized with this moment

Being the killjoy that I am, when I see stuff like this, I always start thinking about the horrible things that can happen from dumb stunt like this. What if someone startled jumps backwards away from the demon baby into the street and got his by a car? What if an old person had a freakin heart attack?

I can’t imagine the liability insurance that would cover scaring total strangers on the street so I have to assume that viral marketers who do shit like this are either staging the reactions, or are batshit irresponsible.


With who, the pigeons? Or with that actual instant of time, or something?

I can’t imagine sympathising with a moment :stuck_out_tongue:

…Oh, wait a sec - acid memories. I may actually have sympathised with the odd moment.


Maybe @Israel_B synaesthized with the moment?


the film is made by a major studio. they have lawyers for that shit. either way, what better advertising then a casualty even before the film is rolled out into cinemas. also, this will likely be the most entertaining thing about the whole film.

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Killjoy here as well. It just seems unkind. Some people like to be scared, and that’s great if they like that. Some don’t, and find it unpleasant. I would be happier to find that this was staged.


Props to mobility scooter dude as well. “Eeeeh, whatever”. ‘WHHHIIIIRRRRRRRR’


I feel like most of the “scare factor” was from something unexpectedly popping up - it could have been a totally normal looking baby and gotten the exact same reaction. It could have been a kitten.


Somebody needs to get working on that kitten idea. We need more random cute popping up in our lives.

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Would I watch an hour of this in front of my computer? Yes.
Would I ever go see the movie they are promoting? No.


I can’t be the only one who suspects that Devil Baby is a clone of John McCain, can I??

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I think you’re correct on that last point. I saw the “real” trailer for this movie when I went to see the last “Paranormal Activity” (which was surprisingly good), and “Devil’s Due” looked like a completely forgettable, cookie-cutter devil movie.

Jesus I can’t stand this line of thinking. Do you do this with everything in your fucking life?

What if I slip and shove my toothbrush down my throat? What if when I pick up my coffee the bottom comes undone and burns my crotch? What if this salad as e. coli? What if the guy in line in front of me pulls out a gun and robs this place? What if some kid swallows my loose change? What if the condom has a hole? What if this cake finally shuts down my pancreas? What if a bug crawled into my ear while sleeping? What if my roof caved in?

Get out of your bubble wrapped oxygen tent and live a little.


I think this corporate viral marketing video stuff is usually done under semi-controlled situations where people sign a release before walking into these situations. The odds of lawsuits or someone literally dropping dead would be way too high. They’d have to get a signed release to use the footage anyway, so it would make much more sense to do that first.

He’s probably seen rats the size of cocker spaniels, so yeah, this is nothing to him.