DHS sent around an internal memo with talking points that were favorable to Kyle Rittenhouse

Über verschiedene Namensstufen wie Saal-Schutz , Schutzkommando und Sturmstaffel wurde schließlich noch 1925 der Name Schutzstaffel offiziell eingeführt, den der ehemalige SA-Führer Hermann Göring in Anlehnung an eine Fliegerbegleitstaffel Manfred von Richthofens vorgeschlagen hatte

From Wiki. Emphasis mine.

It would be entirely unsurprising if the SA copied that from Western clothes. Thanks to the influence of Karl May, early 20th-century Germany had a huge thing for cowboys and Westerns and all that.


Because he did what they are all fantasizing about, hell gunned down some “libs”. Make no mistake, this is what they are foaming in their shorts over. They want to kill liberals and are going to make damned sure that those who do, get away scot free.


It’s a truism that after a ‘successful’ revolution, the new leaders must purge their fellow revolutionaries so they don’t continue to stir up trouble.

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