DHS will protect Americans from foreign marijuana


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The ‘reefer madness’ nonsense seems like it is stepping into DEA territory; but the DHS included both ICE and CBP; so customs enforcement is just as much a function as immigration enforcement is.

Even before the DHS spawned to defend “the Homeland”, entities that did both immigration and customs stuff we’re the norm; that’s why ICE and CBP were available for assimilation in the first place.


That’s great DHS…how about you ask Colorado for some real data on “gateway drugs”, huh? In fact, ask them about their state’s financial situation, too.




It’s true though. . .it IS “a dangerous gateway drug”-- how do you think I became hooked on hard liquor?


Fuck off already.


All of us or someone in particular?



These poor stupid bastards don’t even have the imagination to come up with some kind of new and original scare tactics. That alone is a testimony of how desperately these fools need to light up and chill out.


I really feel that the gateway is not the drug itself, but having to get it through illegal means. Once you’re past the hurdle of “it looks like getting illegal drugs was easier and safer than I previously thought”, trying others won’t be as hard. Considering that alcohol and cigarettes are not (per the administration making the claims) “gateway” drugs. I bet if they were illegal, they’d be gateways too.


Well, that is basically the defining characteristic of being a reactionary.


It’s new and original compared to “Reefer makes Negroes and Mexicans rape white women.”


It is a potentially dangerous gateway drug that frequently leads to the use of harder drugs

Evidence right now or shut your lie hole, Kelly.


Legitimacy factor = fuck all


i still have a hard time understanding why people think they should have any say over what another human willingly ingests however they choose so long as they are not harming anyone else.

some people think it is wrong to consume bacon. that’s totally fine that is their choice, but personally i love bacon. if they were to try and forcibly stop everyone else from consuming bacon that would be wrong. consuming bacon or not consuming bacon is a choice we all should have, neither side should force the other to do the opposite against their will. …and by bacon, i mean bacon, but also marijuana.


Anecdotally I have heard more than a few former vegetarians say that bacon was the gateway to the more serious and hardcore meats.


Once you start smoking meats it is difficult to stop… :slight_smile:


It’s funny because it’s true. :slight_smile: