Dick Cheney feared assassination by cardio device hack




And of course, this prompted him to understand the need for proper security in medical devices so that everyone who has a pacemaker could be free of that risk. Or maybe he closed the back door in his, while rubbing his hands in glee at the possibilities?


Terrorists? scoff

What about your average informed U.S. citizen? I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t mind it happening either.


I wouldn’t feel particularly terrorized if jihadists took him out.


Exactly what I came here to say. It’s a big enough threat to disable the capability in his pacemaker, but not big enough to even mention the fact that it can be disabled to other people. There is absolutely no redeeming value whatsoever to Cheney’s entire existence.


To add to your imagery, I’d say he fired buckshot into a friend’s face, as well, just for good measure, in absolute villainy.


Oh, I don’t know. It may be that one day philosophers will look back and say that it was the ridiculous improbability of a shallow comic-book villain like Dick Cheney existing at the pinnacle of world power that was the first real evidence that we are living in a simulation.


Strange, I would think the jihadists would love him. He’s done quite a bit to help advance their cause and improve recruiting…


Surely taking out Dick Cheney would be a public service…? No jury would convict.


I am pretty sure that no sane jihadist wants to kill Cheney. In fact, I am pretty sure that jihadist want Cheney to come back to power. Few people are more skilled at spreading terror than that piece of shit. Most Americans shrug off the knowledge that hundreds of thousands of Americans die each year heart attacks, cancer, and things like that without taking any real action. Tens of thousands die in car accidents and still drive like assholes. Only a piece of shit like Cheney is able to get the normally apathetic American crowd into freaked-the-fuck-out terror mode when terrorist manage to kill fewer Americans than lightning strikes, choking on food, or bathtubs. Cheney is the best weapon the terrorist have. Without people like Cheney we would just shrug and go “meh” at politically motivated violence, but with Cheney we get scary “terrorism”. Oh no! Better surrender those pesky liberties to prevent that 1 in a few million chance of a terrorist getting you!


Just to be completely pedantic, that episode of Homeland was not in the pilot. It was episode 10 in the second season where the vice president is killed remotely through his pacemaker. It was a great episode. And with that, the completely vile vice president was gone from the world. Absolutely no relationship to any other vice presidents living or dead, I’m sure.


Maybe we are somebody else’s entertainment.


apparently there isn’t much awareness of the fact that Cheney was one of the first recipients of a very novel artificial heart. it has no “beat” but moves blood continuously. he may have had it exchanged for a different type - i don’t know well the beatless variety worked out (for him)


For all his coarseness and paranoia, Cheney actually has the heart of a small child.

In a jar. On his desk…


“Dick Cheney feared assassination by cardio device hack”

And well he should.


Of course the old white man would have no beat.


I doubt that he gives a damn about others, much less enough to let the commie-statist-fascist-FDA demand security or anything; but it should be noted that those wireless protocols(while, I strongly suspect, far too weak) were added in the first place because having to do minor surgery to get to a hardwired programming/diagnostics port every time you want to tweak the settings or review data is…not exactly a good alternative.


That’s what I find surprising. Cheney seems (with a side of pure, improvisational chaotic evil) to be unable to escape the Cold War mindset where a ‘decapitating strike’, usually effected by just nuking either Washington or Moscow, was totally going to be a Thing, and so we needed about a zillion ‘continuity of government’ orders and plans (many of them still formally active, if mostly hibernating) and a bunch of fancy bunkers that any ICBM would give nobody in Washington time to reach (most of those have rotted or been sold off, partly because they were cold war white elephants, and partly because even with the demands of the time, nothing short of personal teleporters would have gotten most of the intended occupants into them in time unless they just took up permanent residence.

With ye olde ‘Global War on Terror’, to the degree that it’s a ‘thing’ at all, rather than a mere marketing term for a wide variety of disparate enterprises, “Attempt to decapitate the American Government” ranks far higher on the agenda of the Republican party than it does on Muhammed al-Jihad’s Jihad club.


yeah, but his groove was smooth.


You forgot the best part. He shot an old man in the face and him apologize for it.