Did an 1860 ad for Pony Express riders say "Orphans Preferred"?

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“Orphans Preferred”?

The horse or the rider, or both?


I can’t do podcasts without a transcript, but I will say from experience that there is a difference for the individual between having family members and not, from the point of view of how much risk one is willing to take on without fear.


I wouldn’t trust it, anyway. The only historically accurate accounting of the Pony Express was Young Riders

Also /s


An example of this in the opposite direction: when the Dutch police bought Porsches for highway patrols, only officers who were married with children were allowed to drive them, as they were considered less likely to take risks.


Huh, wouldn’t have expected that…



How it was explained to me when I worked in Belgium was that the police had to have cars that could catch the scofflaws in sports cars. Over there, a Porsche is a nice car but relatively common; not, for example, a Maserati.


I read somewhere that that in WWII (British? American? Allied?) fighter pilots tended to be younger and unmarried, whereas bomber pilots were preferred older and married because of the extra responsibility of carrying a crew and flying a much more expensive aeroplane.

I can’t remember where I got that information so it may not be true.

I read somewhere (else) that male children who grow up without a father tend to engage in riskier behaviour. The explanation was something to the effect that without an actual male figure as a role model, they tend to over-correct.

I have no idea if this is actually true either.

That is so much better as a JPEG than a GIF; thanks for that.

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