Did you ever want to play questions?


Can you get me a book from the Depository? Or a blade of grass from The Knoll?


will this work?


Do you even understand 20 hours?


… did you just reference the Kingdom of Loathing? O_O



Is the band Ace of Base full of crypto-fascists? Don’t I need your learned opinions on this matter, pronto, questioning rabble?


2x10? 8-hour-workday + 12? 40x0.5?


Not intentionally?


Isn’t that article a deliberate put-on? (Not to discount the singer’s sordid past.)


Is this Seattle duelling piano bar crypto-fascist?



When the lights go out, isn’t everybody a crypto-fascist?


Well, it’s Cracked, so it could totally be a put-on, but isn’t the evidence intriguing? Does this help?

Also, isn’t crypto-fascist now the word of the day?


The “evidence”, beyond Ekberg’s past seemed to be mostly of the “here are two similar words, prove me wrong!” variety, no?


Maybe I just want it to be true because it’s now my favorite conspiracy theory? Also, how about smurfs, are they crypto-fascists?


Don’t your work trips go life mine? Fly in late, fall asleep, go to meetings in an unfinished theatre, drive back to the airport, sneak in so you don’t wake the kids?




Work trips?




Work can be more than coding, you know? Get out there, bite that marrow, bite it!


Sometimes I get to go to meetings in that big room with the leather chairs - does that count?