Did you ever want to play questions?

i am officially retconning art history–can’t i do something to save my pride?

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Do you want to add it to your cheese-making repertoire? Do you have access to a female Himalayan yak? Do you enjoy eating cheese with the consistency of a cube of cured silicone caulk?

Do you think throwing a canned ham at your wife will help?

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I’m still here even though I don’t like any of this, aren’t I?

ha, isn’t she going to throw it at me? :smiley:

and ultimately, can’t we all just agree to blame this on @SteampunkBanana?

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Such is my lot, right?

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I just got fired.


Yep. First time ever?

Can someone explain what’s going on here? @japhroaig did you get your wife a gift? Some books, perhaps?

Or a severance check?

WTF? Are you still stuck in the airport?

How did this happen? How much bullshit is this? Do we need to make another thread?

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Oh shit, you want a hug from me right back?

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When you play with fire, are you allowed to eff up?

Apparently not?

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