Did you ever want to play questions?

Should I go back and delete all my posts?

You haven’t seen me, right?


Aren’t we all just finally working today to make it look like we’ve done something this week?

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As long as nobody fat-fingers their timesheets, we should be okay, right?


If I’m job hunting right now, is this thread detrimental to my prospect of being hired?

Are you posting here under your real, google-able name?

Can you believe that, about the Tyrannosaurs?

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I can barely believe about the Brontosaurus, right?

Are we getting Pluto back too?


Aren’t we, along with another?

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Can I go shout “Up yours Neil deGrasse Tyson!” up the road now?

Do you want to make 5 million nerds’ heads asplode?

Ever hear the saying “Don’t want no shit, don’t start no shit”?

Is that like when my son says “I don’t need to use the potty now” while he’s dancing about?

I was on vacation in Texas for a week and not paying attention to the internet, did you guys miss me?

Also I’m not sure what to think about the fact that it was 80+ degrees where I was (near Dallas) and it was snowing here in Vermont (Burlington area) when I got home?


Does sauerkraut go bad?

How can I tell?

Did you send us postcards?

Isn’t that case more of a “You gotta go sometime, might as well make it now”?

I wasn’t surprised, because I was thinking I had pissed you off again?


Did you know that you can tell by the texture of the cabbage?

Also, did you know you should eat this stuff within a week of opening it, instead of a month, like I just attempted? :grimacing:

You do realize, even if I bought postcards, they’d never actually get sent, right?


You could scan and post them?