Die Antwoord's Ninja replies to fans on internet tabloid rumors surrounding 'CHAPPiE'

I love CHAPPIE!! And I love Die Antwoord. Of course the idea is far fetched but not every movie is a biography or documentary! this movie has action, comedy, sci fi theme, mad zef throughout♥️, im GONNA give it my official ginjaturtle thumbs up👍 and I say just go see it…DO IT. …do it!
And you should stop hating on ninjas, we can’t help we are born so hot like dis. Embrace DIE ANTWOORD & admit that you envy Zef. I bet if you had a broad that was gangsta like yolandi you wouldn’t be a dumb wanka tryin to thow salt in the game.

Haven’t seen the movie, have no idea who Die Antwoord’s Ninja is, don’t know what people are saying about him. But that photo. That photo is a work of art.

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It was better the first time I saw this movie. I think it was called Short Circuit then.


I always wondered if these guys were making nuanced social commentary, or are just fucking idiots.

Now that I’ve seen all those emoticons I know.


Dude you’re not missing much:

If you install helvetica you’ll be able to see them.


7.3 on imdb is pretty respectable.

^and that’s form 23,000 votes

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burners… dubstep… what?

  1. BB’s signature is choosing to do what you want irrespective of what others think
  2. This is a post about Ninja’s response to rumours, not promoting or endorsing the movie or the band

If you enjoy Die Aantwoord, you may look into Max Normal (strictly formal) & Constructus Corporation. I believe these are two of Ninja’s earlier projects before he moved to Germany. Then, back to South Africa to develop Die Antwoord. Check them out. He’s been producing music for what seems like 2 decades.


Die Antwoord are big on art. Ninja writes all the music and directs all the music videos, which are full of evocative imagery like in the photo you see here. That photo represents a lot about them as a group.


What’s that? You went into the movie with a huge negative bias and came out not liking it? I’m shocked!


Maybe it is a good movie based on the reviews you reference. But to say that BB isn’t promoting it is a bit wrongheaded now, isn’t it? It’s publicity for a favored friend of the site.


Good point, though I dunno whether this mixed response thread is very good promotion :wink:

I knew nothing of this movie so I guess it worked in that sense. I was merely adding it for context cause I find imdb is pretty consistently reliable. Interestingly the metacritic score sucks (41/100) but I’ve seen that before.

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Why are actual quotes being given by costars in interviews being referred to as “internet rumors?”

Oh, sweet! Please come back again next time, Ninja.


I now want to see this film even more than I did.


At first Brandon refuses to comment but goes on to say: "I don’t care much for him. I don’t care much for his band. I don’t care much for anything that he does…

“You know when someone comes and feels that they have the right to tell you how to do your job and they have no right to talk to me about acting…yeah it became an issue.”

However, according to Brandon the anger off set made for some great tension in front of the cameras: “The tension between the two of us on screen was heightened because of what happened.”

People usually don’t chose to spend money on things they have a huge negative bias against, and Chappie isn’t the kind of family film people are dragged to attending.

And why are the “internet rumors” also billed as “fans’ questions”?

Who’s got the keys to The Spreadsheet?


Chappie is a fun movie with lots of big ideas wrapped inside an action-comedy. Ninja is definitely menacing as his character, to the point where it’s unrealistic for Patel’s character to ever want to be near him. This article seems like it might be a case of there never being any such thing as bad publicity. “He did WHAT?”

Ninja: erudite and articulate as always.

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