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(hat-tip to @robulus for the vid)

#Who’s got the keys to The Spreadsheet?


I don’t think there’s been enough action, there.

Also, depsite the links, it would be nice to see dates appearing.


But that sounds more doomful that “The Document”, no? And People who are disappointed with Boing Boing has too many words in it. mah brain hurtz.

The Great De-identified List of Ban-Reasons on
Shootout in Oregon: one terrorist killed, eight arrested
Is Amy Schumer a serial joke thief? Video compilation compares clips, side by side
San Francisco Super Bowl: crooked accounting, mass surveillance and a screwjob for taxpayers & homeless people
Realtime chart of "the button" game on Reddit
Reddit's Head of Community quits

How about the Vermithrax Pejorative?


I like it, but it doesn’t quite roll off the keyboard.



Continuing the discussion from elsewhere:

This is a more appropriate zone for querance.


hrm. from this it appears to be a CD joint.

Jake would appear to be complaining about this post. BIG DEAL. It’s not like it’s an affiliate link, or anything.


We call it “The List” or “The List of People Who Are Disappointed in Boing Boing.”

We would also be thrilled to never have to add another name.


But it’s such an amusing read. Nice touch with the comic at the end.


(Complaint: “Very Disappointed in Boing Boing for This Misleading Headline Description.”)


Oh no, I think the list will be getting another entry!


Looks like there’s been a recent update, but it’s still too thin on the ground.

I created a copy as Vermithrax Pejorative, “The Spreadsheet”, or “People who are disappointed with Boing Boing”

paging @ChuckV

If anybody wants to edit this thing, please apply via PM


Who do I have to fuck to get on this list?


Your self, I think.

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