Die Antwoord's Ninja replies to fans on internet tabloid rumors surrounding 'CHAPPiE'

On the third hand, I suspect they’re just trolling.


That thing’s bullshit. I’m still not on there. What’s a guy gotta do to get noticed by obsessive blog defenders around here?

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Haven’t seen Chappie, but I believe that quote is from Franco/Rogen’s The Interview.

You motivated me to Google Die Antwoord and look at images. Some amazing pics. So thanks. Then I watched a trailer for Chappie, which I decided looked interesting enough for me to watch. And then I looked at some of their music videos. Ninja is a talented guy.

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I get the impression, much of Ninja’s work is based in satire and parody. These story lines being based on real life experiences. One must be very imaginative to comprehend the messages therein. Be one with your psychosis. It may not be neurosis.


Sounds to me like you are VERY DISAPPOINTED IN BOING BOING. :wink:


Oh great, now I gotta go see that too.

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There was tension on set.

ZOMG really?

Anyone heard of the relationship between Ford and Scott on the set of Bladerunner? I only mention it because it’s probably the most influential SciFi film to ever be made that isn’t called Star Wars.

Tension on set. Between artists. Has anyone ever played in a band? Or tried to manage one or to produce for them?
I dunno.


At this point, I’m mostly disappointed with people who are disappointed with people who are disappointed with Boing Boing.

I’ve checked that sentence over several times, and I’m fairly that’s the right number of clauses.


You disappoint me.


I’m just saying :wink: that like, were you to voice that particular feeling, about this particular blog :wink: like eventually you might just end up on the spreadsheet :wink:

That or banned. One of the two.

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I don’t hate Ninja at all. I’m just surprised at how much his angry adolescent aesthetic hates me and everyone else who doesn’t acknowledge it’s value.

My daughter says Die Antwoord in Memphis last night changed her life. 'Twas the most racially integrated, multi-gendered, all ages audience we’ve been part of in ages. P-Funk crowds are my only comparison. Ninja’s parting words: “Increase the peace, muthafukkas!” He also boasted a ‘Memphis is Fuck’ shirt at one point. They have an energetic dancer with a gelatinous derrière I’ll try to find out about. We met a Fbook friend also named Athena who works in the hospital across town from mine and ran into a family celebrating a seven-year-old’s birthday whose mother is a work acquaintance from Little Rock. Friday they’re in Nashville and we’re sorely tempted to try a 275-mile road trip, but, sadly, we may not make it.


I saw a bit of Die Antwoord at Riot Fest last year. Whomever did their sound setup should be fired, because unless you were right up at the front, they didn’t sound very good (except for Yolanti - you could hear her clear as a bell from the opposite side of the festival). Also, they were on at the same time as the Dropkick Murphys, so there was really no chance I was sticking around to watch Yolanti “whoop whoop” when I could be listening to some awesome Boston celtic punk instead.

But that’s the problem! I bitch about Boing Boing all the time, but I’m still not on the list. What’s a guy gotta do to get noticed?

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You complete my disappointment!

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