Dig this fantastic Arabic language Coke commercial


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Tim Finn beats them all with the Australian jingle from “The Coca Cola Kid.” (start at 2:15)


Gosh that was hooky!


I would be shocked, -shocked-, to find that gambling is going on in here.


Any idea who the singer is?

The penetration of Coca Cola into new markets was a really big thing in the late 50s and early 60s, cf the incredible One, Two, Three:


I find myself wishing that I spoke more Arabic than the few words that I know.


I love that clapping rhythm – chook chook-chook-chook chook-chook-chook. Funky.


You Might Be An Islamophobe if, in the closing credits, instead of seeing this:

You see this:


A balanced film, with a fair final scene.


I see Alocacoc. But I may be misreading it.


No clue, though my grandmother would probably know if it was someone famous. I’ve heard her sing this very song, which tells me that the ad ran outside of Egypt as well, which doesn’t surprise me.

I was literally wondering how people who don’t read Arabic might try to make sense of it. Kind of the way I used to try and make sense of Cyrillic before I learned it. Funny how our brains work. I swear that Mongolian was an elaborate prank on people who can read Arabic, because it looks like intelligible Arabic script until you discover that it runs up and down.


Well, if you talk to her before the comment window closes let us know. The singer in the ad has great presence and a good voice and I’d like to try to find more from her


Thought that it was Yeesus


It’s got more of a gap between the first two notes and the third, and they’re in pairs. Better verbalized as “chaka-chak, chaka-chak”, “ticky-tick, ticky-tick”, " rata-tat, rata-tat", etc. (Pedantic drummer will shut up now.)


Well, if you want my dumb white kid impression, it looks like “Yisss” to me. But I’m a diet pepsi drinker. Diet coke leaves an unpleasant film on my teeth that I don’t like. Also diet coke uses aspartame, and I don’t like the aftertaste. Diet pepsi uses sucralose, which tastes better imho, even if it is a little too sweet. As far as I know any aspersions on aspartame’s health impacts are spurious, I just don’t like the taste.


If you wanna get really pedantic, here’s a tracker (like mod trackers or whatever) you can use online:


Quantisers don’t swing.


well… They can… For certain definitions of swing…

I’ve done it before. I used to work with FL Studio a lot. And with very small quantization I could get a little swing working. It was a lot more work than just swinging on trombone though. And jazz band was very fun too.

I need to get back to music. I played tuba and trombone in high school. And that was a lot of good times. I didn’t make any friends in band, but I was the “best” tuba player of four. Big fish in a little pond. I just had a half-decent sense of time and had already learned to count both played sections and rests with subdivision before those other guys.

These days I tinker with throat singing in the car mostly. “BrrrrWUUUUUUUUUUB [obnoxious vowels follow]”


See, well, yeah, no they don’t. Maybe “almost”, but swing is an analog / feedback thing. Until the drum machine actually listens to the other players, it won’t happen.


And this is where my very reductive mind says: “a human drum player is a complicated kind of drum machine. Just like a mathematician is a complicated computer, and an artist is a complicated kind of graphics card. We humans are just complicated machines.”

But I do know what you mean.