Coca-Cola is launching its first alcoholic beverage


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…to its Japanese market.

Quelle surprise!


Come to think of it, why doesn’t Coke sell a product with rum already mixed in? Seems like a corporate partnership with whomever makes Captain Morgans would be an easy sell.


That’s ok.



that’s a waste of bourbon…not that it is good bourbon…but its a waste.


I agree. Cheers!



There are those who would climb on your butt for the cubes.
Not me, but others.


If we’re picking nits, I have to wonder why you don’t have matching tumblers. :wink:





One bourbon one coke silly. :grinning:


Braille. It may come in handy.



Wake me when they get back to adding cocaine.



So you don’t accidently give your guest the good stuff.


People used to drink Zima and liked it. I think it has a chance.


People messed up.

Adulterating fine Bolivian marching powder with Coca-Cola’s astringent excuse for cola syrup seems wrong somehow…

Um…so I’ve been told.


Coke may have decided a tipping point has been reached, whereby they know that the public is so aware of the inherent nasty health effects of their products that the link of the brand with alKhol (which could turn off wholesome Americans from giving it to their kids) is adjudged not so damaging, and the potential profit from selling alcopops is so attractive that they’re testing in a faraway market.

Trust me, they will watch brand impact closely.


So, are there Coca-Cola Kit Kat bars in Japan yet? It looks like there is a generic cola-flavored Kit Kat, which is being marketed with a lemon squash one.

They came out with this stuff recently: