Dilbert guy Scott Adams: white people should "get the hell away from black people"

If only this were about white people touching Black peoples’ hair without permission or something. What a worthless pile of steaming excrement this man is. He’s not even that old yet and it still feels like he’s one of those right-wing relics taking an unfairly endless eternity to die off.


I know I only “help” marginalized people for the “payoff”, amirite!? /S


I do hope he moves on from black people. Where can he move to?


It’s even worse, because – what’s so saddening, angering, & worrying about this (and this seems really obvious, but I just got it) – if someone this famous and (among many) well-liked actually said this, in public, in 2023 and possibly without repercussion (we’ll see), it kicks open the door for others who now feel emboldened. “Hey, I think those things, too, and he’s saying it out loud! More than Trump/Roseanne/Mel Gibson, even!” (By the way, anyone who actually has the stomach to watch Adams’ video, here’s another really firm grasp of the obvious: stay clear of the comments there.) Whatever gains we (collectively, all of us, due to the efforts & sacrifices of a few) have made before, during, and after the Civil Rights Era, Adams is a high-profile voice saying none of that matters if one doesn’t care, or more than that, doesn’t like it.

When I first heard about it yesterday, I mentioned it to my wife, and she asked “wow, how old is he, anyway?” Which I’m not really sure has anything to do with it. I reminded her of that disclaimer from a while back, “Ambien does not cause racism.” I don’t think old age does, either, per se – perhaps it merely loosens the reins among some.

(He’s 65.) (ETA: I’ve also seen this swing the other way, in someone way older than that.)

Also: just saw this on Wikipedia; it might be gone by the time anyone else looks:

I just finished a piano lesson; when I got started and slogged my way through the piece, my teacher just stared at me open-mouthed and said “Wow, you are carrying a lot of baggage. You’re swimming with weights.” (It got better after that)


Christ, what an asshole that drew some funny comics 20 years ago.


Yup. I liked Dilbert in the nineties–I even sent Adams an idea. Which he used.

Then I read The Dilbert Future shortly after it came out. What I remember most was the chapter where he talked about the so-called law of attraction. The book wasn’t very funny, either, and I pretty much gave up on Dilbert.

Later episodes–his “fossils are bullshit” post, the MRA talking points he started to use–just showed how right that was. He’s only gotten worse since then (as the current episode pretty clearly shows).


Thirty years ago.

The Dilbert Future was 1997, and the signs are there in the final chapter of his openness to new ideas being less open-mindedness, and more a sign that he was increasingly disconnected from even the appearance of connection to reality.

That wasn’t the start or the end of his slide, that was just the most obvious early signpost on his way down.

In the early nineties his work had value, not because it was funny so much as because “Oh god I was in that meeting last week.”


I’m not saying that age causes racism, more that racists seem ancient no matter their age because their attitude feels like it should belong to the distant past by now. We may not have solved systemic racism, but for a while, until Trump emboldened them, individual bigots were at least hesitant to spout shamelessly racist bullshit like this.


Scott Adams has been shitty for a long time. Way back in 2011 he was caught defending himself on metafilter with an account that pretended to be a 3rd party. Scott Adams Caught Defending Himself Anonymously on MetaFilter
Scott Adams, plannedchaos - Mefi Wiki


… yeah, I dunno about all that


Scott Adams should get the fuck away from all other people. Live in a cave, Scott! It’s your destiny!


He’s got a really, really thin skin when it comes to criticism. About 20 years ago someone asked cartoonist Bill Griffith (creator of Zippy the Pinhead) what he thought about Dilbert during a discussion about comics as an art form. Griffith, as one of the last great old-school comic strip illustrators, responded that in his opinion Dilbert was less an example of comic art than it was a “marketing concept.”

Adams fucking lost it, dedicating a whole string of Dilbert strips to dissing Griffith even though few people outside the comics community ever read the interview. Such a petty, insecure man.



I haven’t focused on him at all, but he’s washed into my wiki a lot. (More in the backlog, I’m sure.)


Ah yes, this one:


Who’s with me? Let’s start a petition to have Dilbert dropped from all online and paper based publishers? I’m a big fan of Dilbert, but knowing what I now know about the creator he should be held accountable for his racist positioning just like J.K. Rollings with transphobia


The vibe I get from Adams’ statement is more on the “cross the street when I see one” type of thing, but yeah, that too. People in general, but that is a long standing habit of rather too many white people.


The story behind the song:

Or as the rest of the Bay Area would to call it, Unpleasanton.


And yet, all my presentations will remain Wagner free as they always have been.


Anna Russel did a hilarious summary, too!

She was a gem.


I would expect no less from a person who created a comic about passively enduring the drudgery of cubicle existence by granting oneself permission to consider oneself superior to other people. Also, he was the same guy who created sock puppets to fluff up his comment sections.

Scott Adams should be thrilled with himself. In someways, he created the final mega-market comic strip and made a fortune before the floor dropped out of the comic strip syndicates. But… No… He has to engage in mask-off racism. Screw him.


Cause, meet Effect.