Discussion: AHS Cult (probable spoilers)

Just started catching up on the new season of American Horror Story.

If you haven’t watched the pilot episode yet don’t reveal.

No matter your political affiliation, you have to appreciate how the new season immediately picks up with what was a huge emotional moment for a lot of people, with last year’s Election Night. It proceeds onward to poke fun at the lingo and ideology of both sides of the political spectrum, alternately played for laughs and used to subject the characters to their deepest fears.
I’m only 2 episodes in so far, but I can already see it taking shape: it seems like it more casts the Alt-Right Evan Peters’ character as one of those Evil Trump Supporters, but it’s clear already that there’s much more going on here, by the fact that he’s corrupted a Hillary supporter into doing his bidding as he murders and harasses minority characters.
Can’t wait to see how this pans out. So brilliant that they’ve started picking at a fresh wound in the public consciousness to evoke terror.

Like I say, I’m only 2 episodes in so far, so make sure to use the spoiler tag if you’re dropping details from newer episodes.

Can’t wait to get people’s thoughts on this season.

I’m enjoying it so far. But is Kai (Evan Peters) a Trump fan? He seems hard to pin down apart from appealing to disenfranchised people.

Unclear, but the show seems to be trying not to pick a side. I would bet he is not really a Trump fan, when pressed. But what we see in the early episodes (all the anti-immigrant, anti-gay stuff) is a set up for a twist we don’t expect later on.

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Off topic, but only slightly, what did you think of Roanoke? A lot of people seemed to hate it but I found it wonderfully compelling.

Oh, well I was physically located in Raleigh when I was watching it, and it was set about 30 miles from my preferred saltwater fishing spot. So, it had extra appeal for me, and I gave it a pass for stuff I might not have otherwise.

That said, I gave it about a solid 3.5 out of 5.

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Asylum was the worst season for me. They tried to pack too much into it.

Agree, really. Asylum easily the weakest entry.

Conversely what should have been weakness with the Coven season made it hilarious and enjoyable. (Not scary, though) I had a lot of “laugh out loud” moments, none more so than when Stevie Nicks showed up for a singalong. Totally bonkers, loved it.

ETA: Newer episodes I am loving as well!

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